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Guess the Breed and Win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed!

Written by: Eric Rickstad

Take a guess at our trivia question and, right or wrong, you could win a FREE ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® from Orvis!

This breed (which is NOT pictured below), measuring at minimum 31 inches at the shoulder is the tallest of the dog breeds. A gentle giant, this dog makes a loyal family member, but will take up a lot of space on the couch.

Let us know your guess in the comment section (click the READ MORE link and scroll to COMMENTS). We’ll pick a random answer, right or wrong to win the ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® worth up to $185.00!


Picking Up My New Pup, Murph

Written by: Paul Fersen

Saturday night, my oldest son Nick and I began a 3000 mile road trip to pick up the next member of the family: a six-week old black Lab puppy. His name will be Murph in honor of Bob Murphy, a good friend, a great sportsman, and a true gentleman, something I hope his namesake will become in the next few years.

Murph will become the fifth Labrador we’ve had in this family. The first was Mushroom, a yellow who was our first dog after Mimi and I got married. He lived up in the deer camp with us before we were married.


Eau de Wet Dog

Written by: Eric Weissleder
Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Kit

I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for this one but what is it with the wet dog smell? It has to be up there with some of the more nauseating odors out there. It’s not pungent, or sharp. It isn’t a dull, wafting scent, nor is it sickeningly sweet. It’s just… there. I guess if you’re a dog person you get used to it. But I consider myself a dog person and I’ve never gotten used to it. In fact, the mere thought of a wet dog in my mudroom or the backseat of my car makes me gag. Don’t even ask me to walk into a dog-grooming shop. I just gagged thinking about it.


We’re getting Closer to our Goal of 10,000 Fans!

Written by: Eric Rickstad

As I write this, we are on the cusp of 8000 fans on the Orvis Dogs Facebook Page! That’s fantastic, especially in light of the the fact we are donating a dollar to canine cancer research for every NEW fan of Orvis Dogs in the month of December.

We started at 1500, so that means we have 3500 more fans to go by the end of December to reach our goal! We can do it. We can raise $10,000 for cancer research, together, but we need your help.

Send your friends to and tell them to click LIKE. It’s that easy.
Have you shown the world you love your dog? Post your dog’s picture on our Facebook page and tell us why you love him or her. Over 200 of you have done it so far and we love when you do! Click here to see the gallery so far.

Orvis Dogs Facebook page


Logan the Lab and His Laser Pointer

Written by: Eric Weissleder
Logan oven
Logan Loves the Oven
Eric Weissleder

I would really like to blame my mother-in-law for this one. After all it was she who gave me the laser pointer as a gift. But it was I, unfortunately, who decided to see if Logan, my adopted Labrador, appreciated it.

When Logan first came into our home, we noticed that he had a mild obsession with lights and shadows. This is not uncommon; many dogs chase shadows, or stare at reflections. It can only become a serious problem if not addressed. In Logan’s case, he would often affix his gaze upon a wall or ceiling, mesmerized by the reflections caused by a wristwatch, a sunbeam, or in some cases, a glass of water. There were times when I’d walk into the kitchen to find him staring astutely at the ceiling as if there was a leak that needed repairing. In most cases, all I needed to do was remove or eliminate the light source and he’d be back to his old self. There were, however, times when it became necessary to ask everyone in Logan’s immediate vicinity to remove anything on their person that lit up, shimmered, or reflected in order to prevent him from thrusting his nose repeatedly into a wall in pursuit of the elusive reflection.


Every Dollar Counts: “Like” Orvis Dogs on Facebook and Help us End Canine Cancer

Written by: Eric Rickstad

For every new “Like” we receive on our Orvis Dogs Facebook page in the month of December, Orvis will donate $1 to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign up to $10,000!

As you may already know, Orvis customers have given more than $300,000 to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign—half of that sum was raised in 2010 alone!

We’re so appreciative of this incredible outpouring of generosity that we’re going to donate one dollar to the Canine Cancer Campaign for every new fan of Orvis Dogs we get on Facebook. Our goal is 10,000 new fans resulting in $10,000 going to the Campaign. All you need to do is LIKE our Orvis Dogs on Facebook. Then, to help us reach our goal, click the SUGGEST THIS PAGE link on the left hand side of Orvis Dogs Facebook page to invite your friends to help.

You can also enter your favorite dog photo in the Orvis Cover Dog Contest!

Together, we’re making a difference!


Smile! Together We’ve Raised BIG Bucks For Canine Cancer Research

Written by: Eric Weissleder
Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Oscar
The Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest has been a tremendous success in so many ways. Orvis customers have consistently topped themselves and amazed us here at the home office with their incredible photographic talent (not to mention their incredibly photogenic dogs). We’ve received more than 30,000 photos since we began running these contests, and the photos still continue to roll in. You can see ALL of the entries from last year’s Orvis Cover Dog Contest here.

But it’s our collaboration with Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign that really makes the story. The voting attribute of the contest, in conjunction with our donation page, has helped raise more than $300,000 for canine cancer research—and half of that sum was raised in 2010 alone! This awe-inspiring display of generosity, achieved dollar-by-dollar and vote-by-vote, has been driven solely by your unconditional love for the dogs in our lives.

We sincerely thank everyone who’s helped make this contest what it is. And if you’ve yet to enter a photo in the contest or donate to the Campaign, fear not, there’s no better time than the present.