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Alaskan Woman Punches Bear in the Nose to Save her Dachsund

Written by: Phil Monahan

Fudge has his owner’s right hook to thank for saving him from a black bear.

Michael Penn/Juneau Empire 


What would you do to save your dog’s life? Would you fight a bear? Brooke Collins didn’t hesitate to clock a bear right in the nose who took her dachsund in its mouth outside her home.

From the Juneau Empire:

It started out as a typical evening for 22-year-old Brooke Collins. She let her dogs out as usual but this time, she said there was a black bear outside who took hold of her dachshund Fudge. She said she feared for her pet’s life and, in an instant, ran over and punched the bear right in the face to make it let go.

“It was all so fast. All I could think about was my dog was going to die,” said Collins.

“It was a stupid thing but I couldn’t help it,” she said. “I know you’re not supposed to do that but I didn’t want my dog to be killed.”

Read the rest of the story here.


New Jersey Woman uses Chaos of Hurricane Irene to Break Dogs out of Impound at Shelter

Written by: Phil Monahan

A New Jersey woman’s 160 and 100 pound dogs, pictured above were impounded due to attacks in 2008 and 2009 that sent three adults and a baby to the hospital. The owner broke them out of impound while the kennel was being evacuated during Hurricane Irene.

A New Jersey woman took advantage of the chaos of Hurricane Irene to break her dogs out of impound.
From the story on

On Saturday. the shelter was being evacuated when it was found that Kolb’s dogs were missing, police said. Officers went to Kolb’s home looking for them but they did not find her or the dogs, reports said. The man that answered the door was uncooperative, police reports said.

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In Honor of Our Beautiful State of Vermont, Chelsea, in a Vermont-in-Autumn Setting is our Orvis Dog of the Day

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Chelsea
In honor of our beautiful, home state and with hopes that the recovery from Hurricane Irene is swift, we chose a Vermont dog, Chelsea, as our Orvis Dog of the Day.

You can help Vermont’s hurricane victims by visiting the Vermont-New Hampshire chapter of The American Red Cross at “


Dog, Caged and Abandoned During Irene, Has Facebook to Thank for Rescue

Written by: Phil Monahan

This picture of a scared dog abandoned  in the path of Irene and escaping encroaching waters by standing on its doghouse  attracted the attention of hundreds of people once the photo was posted on Facebook. As outrage grew, police were dispatched to the house and the white Siberian Husky with blue eyes was brought to a shelter to hopefully be adopted by a loving family.


Hurricane Irene Transforms Favorite Dog Hiking Spot Into Raging River

Written by: Phil Monahan
As you probably have read, Vermont has suffered severe flooding from Hurricane Irene. If you can help, please visit the Vermont- New Hampshire American Red Cross donation page to make a donation.

In my town we were very fortunate to not have seen a lot of damage. I often take my dog on a nice walk to a waterfall near my home and I wanted to see what kind of impact the hurricane was having there, so I grabbed my camera and left my dog at home to go take a look. The transformation is nothing short of amazing.

What Vermont's Hagar's Brook Usually looks like

Above is what the waterfall normally looks like.


Michael Vick- Time to Forgive and Forget or Has Justice not yet Been Served? Take our Poll.

Written by: Phil Monahan
Whenever Vick has a public event, protestors show up in droves. Is it time to leave him alone or should his actions follow him for the rest of his career?

Michael Vick graces the cover of the the September 5, 2011 issue of ESPN magazine. He is quoted in the magazine as saying:

Everybody always told me all I had to do was go play football and be successful on the field and everyone will forget what I’ve done…. I don’t find that to be true.

In the accompanying commentary, where the author wonders why it is so hard for so many people to forgive Vick and move on, David Fleming writes

Our reaction to the crimes also speaks volumes about a uniquely American ethos — one that has transformed dogs into our version of Hindu’s sacred cows and one that exposes a deep-seated hypocrisy regarding animal cruelty that is, almost unknowingly, shared by both Vick’s supporters and detractors.

What do you think? Is it time to leave Vick alone or are his actions never to be forgiven, let alone forgotten?


The Murph Training Series: Paul Fersen’s 8 Tips to Canoe-Training Your Dog

Written by: Phil Monahan

8 Tips to Canoe Training your Dog on
If your dog can’t sit still at your command, she may not be ready for canoe training, yet.
Photo by Tim Bronson

I admit to being lax for the past few weeks, but working Murph in the heat, and it has been hot, is not fun for him or me. We throttled back a bit, but now things, in Vermont anyway, are beginning to cool down and we are back at it.

What’s really fascinating is that Murph picked up right where we left off with no issues. That proves to me that instilling the foundation from six weeks to 16 weeks is money. His training is built into his brain as natural behavior and after a few weeks of just hanging out in the shade he didn’t miss a beat. In fact, he seems more attentive and focused than ever, as if to tell me “it’s about time you got off your fat butt and we got back to work.”