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Woman’s Dying Wish to Hold the Rescued Dog She Supported from Afar is Granted

Written by: Phil Monahan

When Lynn heard of sharpei-mix Bucare’s plight on the streets of Puerto Rico and saw his pictures, she didn’t hesitate to help. Even though she had never met Bucare, and was herself battling brain cancer, she sent  money for his vet bills and received regular updates on his recovery. When there was an opportunity for Bucare to be adopted, she even paid for him to be flown from Puerto Rico to New England. All for a dog she had never met.

Sadly, Lynn’s condition worsened. When it was clear she may not have much time left, her dying wish was to get to hold the dog she loved from afar. Her wish was granted. Lynn passed on soon after.

We set up a time and all met for a lovely lunch on Lynn’s deck and a chance to hang out with Bucare. Jim told us all about Bucare’s new life and Lynn got plenty of time to spend with Bucare….who is so lovely and gentle and has a beautiful thick coat now.

It was such a nice day and it meant so much to Lynn. She kept telling me how great it was to have had something to look forward to. She also said that her own dogs were a great comfort to her during her illness and that having animals in her life had given her purpose.

Read the rest Lynn and Bucare’s story here.


Dog of the Day: Deagan the Super Surfer

Written by: Phil Monahan

Surf Dog

Deagan, a French bulldog from Orange, opts out of a wave while surfing in the second annual Surf City Surf Dog Event held last year in Huntington Beach.

photo by Michael Goulding, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

A fun story in the Orange County Register previews this weekend’s Surf City Surf Dog competition in Hunting Beach, California. It’s an exciting event, and all proceeds go to charities such as Southern California Bulldog Rescue, the Orange County Humane Society, Westied Rescue of Orange County & Beyond, Surf Dog Riccochet, and Huntington Dog Beach.


Missing dog rescued from sinkhole after 6 days

Written by: Phil Monahan



Mary and Jeff Aderman’s black Labrador retriever was missing. Goldie, the timid dog they adopted 13 years ago after it was found wandering on Christmas Eve, had simply vanished Sept. 13 while Jeff was working in the couple’s vineyard south of Viroqua.

Goldie had long ago given up her wandering days and, like most Labs, never missed a meal.

“We were devastated,” Mary said. “She’s our family.”

For six long days, Mary and Jeff searched by foot and car, calling Goldie’s name. For six long days, they hung posters, called anyone they knew and left cards on cars.

For six long days, they heard nothing.

Then, on Monday afternoon, Jeff was back collecting grapes in the vineyard when a strange sound came from the meadow where they’d searched before.

Read more here:


Pet Dogs Turning Wild in Japan’s Nuclear No-Entry Zone

Written by: Phil Monahan

Abandoned pets in Japan’s nuclear no-entry zone.
Photo by Associated Press

Some sad and scary news out of Japan today

The Fukushima prefectural government and the Environment Ministry are trying to capture hundreds of pet dogs believed to be living feral in the no-entry zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, but their efforts are being frustrated by the animals themselves.

Before the disaster, there were about 5,800 registered dogs in the area that became the no-entry zone, which stretches over a 20-kilometre radius from the plant.

From May 10 to the end of August, the prefectural government captured a total of 323 pets, mainly dogs, that were left leashed at empty houses. The government began trying to capture loose dogs on Sept. 5 and has captured three, but none have been caught in its traps baited with food.

Even after accounting for dogs that were captured by volunteers and those that died in the tsunami or from starvation, hundreds of dogs are believed to still be living within the zone.

“No dogs in the traps today either,” a prefectural government official said after checking several traps within the no-entry zone in Narahamachi.

Experts say dogs gone feral are prone to infection and could transmit diseases to people if they leave the zone

Read the rest of this article here.


Orvis Dog of the Day- Cuz, the Winner Of the What’s Your Dog’s Name and Why Contest

Written by: Phil Monahan

Dog of the Day- The Story Behind Your Dog's Name Contest Winner
Contest winner, Cuz with his buddy.
Photo by Tammy Robinson

Last week we ran a contest and asked all of you to send in the story behind your dog’s name. 300 of you sent in great stories. Luckily we chose at random as it would be too hard to pick the best.

Cuz, pictured above, will be sleeping on a new dog bed with his name on it, thanks to this submission from his owner, Tammy Robinson:

Our sweet 14-year-old Black Lab’s name is Cuz. He was given the name by the workers at the shelter, who said he treated everyone like family from the beginning. I couldn’t imagine changing his name – it fit him perfectly. He is the biggest love bug, always wearing a “smile.” He lost one of his legs 11 years ago, but he has rocked every second of his life! Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest! 

If you want a great read, check out our orginal post and read the the stories! There are some really great ones!


Discipline and Fitness for Dogs and Their Owners

Written by: Phil Monahan

Working on the premise that much dog bad behavior is the result of boredom and a lack of routine, Thank Dog! Bootcamp co-owner Jill Bowers believes that the consistency of a daily workout will help dog owners have a better relationship with their pets, and both will achieve a higher level of fitness at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me. This story from KABC TV in Los Angeles shows how dog owners in the program have seen excellent results.


Dog of the Day: Hunter the Hero

Written by: Phil Monahan

Hunter 1

Capt. Billy Monahan and Hunter show off the border collie’s well earned medals.

photo by Casey Christie/The Californian

A great story In yesterday’s Bakersfield Californian describes how a local border collie named Hunter was honored for his service as a search dog in Japan after the recent tsunami and in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. The recipient of the American Kennel Club’s 12th annual Humane. . .


Use of dogs is on the rise in war zones, often leading to canine post-traumatic stress disorder

Written by: Phil Monahan

Marine Corps Cpl. Wolcott and Ace, an explosive detector dog, standing on a hill with other Marines and members of the Iraqi security forces during a patrol along the Wadi Bank in Rawah, Iraq (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ricky Robinson III). Stock photography by Department of Defense Public Domain

More and more dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan are saving the lives of soldiers in the field. As an article in today’s USA TODAY states, this has come at a price for the dogs involved.

Since May 2010, 14 military working dogs have been killed in action. Six others have been wounded, and three are missing in action, according to U.S. Central Command.

In addition, incidents of canine post-traumatic stress disorder are on the rise, said Lt. Col. Richard A. Vargus, chief of the law enforcement branch at CENTCOM.

“Our biggest issue that we have with canines is canine PTSD,” he said. “We’ve seen a significant issue with that because when you’re standing 10 feet away from an explosion, the dog has emotions and the dog is affected as well.”

Read the rest of the story here.