Picture of the Day: Personal-Best Steelhead

Greg Senyo Steelhead 1

Longtime Great Lakes guide Greg Senyo and his biggest steelie ever, a 17-pounder.

photo courtesy Greg Senyo

Greg Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters recently took his biggest steelhead ever, estimated at 17 pounds, and the smile on his face suggests he’s pretty excited about it. When you spend as much time on the water as Greg does, catching a personal-best fish is something special. And every time he does it, the bar is raised a little higher. We can’t wait to see the next one. Click “Read More” to see another shot of this beast.

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Video of the Day: Every home needs a Harvey!

I recently stumbled on this great advertisement from England and loved it so much, I had to share. It’s a year old, but many of you may not have seen it. Harvey is a shelter dog looking for a forever home, so he makes a very convincing presentation to a couple looking to adopt. The dog’s look at the end is brilliant.

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New Issue of Southern Culture on the Fly


Here it is: the very firstest-ever issue of Southern Culture on the Fly (well, if you don’t count the spring “half” issue.) There’s tons of great photography, video, writing, and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor here. (Check out “Why You Shouldn’t Fish Here,” by David Grossman, for a particularly gooey brand of sarcasm.) The issue weighs in at a remarkable 150 pages—featuring destinations, tips, and conservation—so there’s sure to be something you like.

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Slideshow: Pumpkins and Pooches!

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Cinder

Cinder gets ready for the big, scary night.

photo by Renee, Germantown

In honor of Halloween, here’s a fun slideshow of pumpkins and pooches, culled from our flickr stream. Click “Read More” to see the show. Enjoy!

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Picture of the Day: Troutoween!

Trout o' Lantern

The Trout o’ Lantern, traditional Halloween carving of fly fishers everywhere!

photo and carving by Josh McCullock

This picture showed up in my email last week, along with a note from its creator, Josh McCullock:

I’m a photographer from Oklahoma City and a novice fly fisherman. I really enjoy your blog as well as Tom’s podcast. Tom actually featured my question last week in the podcast. I was stoked. Anyway, we carved our annual pumpkins last night and I thought I’d send along a shot of my carving. I thought. “Hey, maybe my favorite fly fishing company could use this for something.”

We certainly can. Happy Halloween!

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Amazing time lapse video of the Condit Dam removal and lake draining

Last week, on the Conservation blog, we posted a cool video of the blast that breached the Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington. Here’s a better look from National Geographic that shows what happened after that initial rush of water. It’s incredible to see disappearance of Northwestern Lake and the rebirth of a river channel. As you’ll see, though, there’s a long way to go before the stretch above the dam looks anything like a natural river.

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UPDATE: Lily the blind Great Dane and her devoted guide dog find a new home!

Len and Anne Williams walk with their new pets, Lily (left) and her guide dog, Maddison.

photo courtesy rossparry.co.uk

Today brings great news for those dog lovers following the story of Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her best pal and guide dog, Maddison. As we posted last week, the pair was in need of a new home after their owner gave them up for unspecified reasons. The fear was that it would be difficult to find someone willing to take not only one huge dog, but two—including one with a disability.

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Orvis Dog of the Day: Bentley

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Bentley

In honor of Vermont’s first snow of the year, here’s Bentley’s first experience with the cold, white stuff. “Where’d all the green go?”

photo by T.J., Carnegie

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Murph Training, Part XX: First Hunt…Sorta

Pickett and Murph

Pickett (left) and Murph get ready for a grouse and woodcock hunt, Murph’s very first.

photo by Tim Bronson

The other day, I took Pickett out to try and run up a few woodcock and maybe find the one resident grouse in southern Vermont. As I was gearing up and Pickett was jumping in the car, it occurred to me that perhaps this might be the time to take Murphy and expose him to a real hunt. I’m not hunting him this year, as he is only a yearling and has a long way to go, but he’s doing really well at close obedience work. I thought this might be a good opportunity for him to get some real-time experience at heel pushing through tough cover and work on his honoring—having to stay at my side while Pickett worked the cover. Another benefit would be sitting to the flush, which we work on daily: me throwing bumpers as he walks at heel and him sitting immediately when the bumper goes up. He needs to be eased into the real thing and this was a fairly low-key opportunity.

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UPDATE: Petey’s Home!

After three months, Petey and his owner, Jim Arrighi, are reunited in Tennessee. While Petey was missing Arrighi’s wife, Juanita, passed away, making Petey’s return that
much more important.

photo by Mark Hicks/The Stewart Houston Times

Yesterday, we posted a story about Petey the Jack Russell Terrier, who had been found in Michigan—600 miles from his home—after a three-month journey. Volunteer Nancy Greiser from the Michigan Humane Society drove Petey all the way home to Tennessee to be reunited with his owner, . . .

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