Hey, I recognize those hats!

So there I was, bored to death by Monday Night Football (Jets v. Dolphins was a total snoozefest) when one of those funny ESPN commercials came on. You know it’s a crappy game when you sit up in your chair for a commercial. Halfway through the fake-archaeologist sketch, I thought, “Hey, I know those hats.” Sure enough, I saw this email the next day from the guys at Orvis New York: . . .

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Picture of the Day: Old World Brook Trout?

Pyrenees Brook Trout

This brook trout, from a stock introduced to the Pyrenees of northeastern Spain back in the 1950s, is a long way from its native waters. But just like their cousins in the New World, these fish can’t resist hopper patterns.

photo by Sandy Hays

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English bulldog held for ransom in Washington

Jagger, an English bulldog, has been dognapped and held for ransom.

photo courtesy McKenzie Thomas

It’s a nightmare scenario that’s been the subject of many books and movies, but this time it’s a dog that has been taken and is being held for ransom. According to a woman from Woodland, Washington, her English bulldog named Jagger disappeared on October 4th, and she has received texts from the “dognappers” demanding cash and prescription drugs. As if these criminals. . .

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Take the Tom Rosenbauer Trivia Challenge for a chance to win Tom’s Small-Stream Book

Test your knowledge of basic fly-casting techniques by taking our seven-question quiz. You’ll be asked about casting mechanics, the best ways to practice, and the best methods to achieve certain objectives. Post your score in the comments below to become eligible for our giveaway: One lucky commenter, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of Tom’s recent book The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing, a great resource for anyone who enjoys chasing trout in mountain or meadow streams. Good luck!

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Firefighters use Mouth-to-Nose to Save Family Dog

Firefighters give artificial respiration to a dog that was rescued from a house fire Tuesday. / Dan Young/Wausau Daily Herald

After writing earlier today about the gross mistreatment of dogs at the hands of an uncaring human being, it is nice to report on this great story out of Wisconsin where firefighters saved a dog’s life and the cat’s life, too.

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Periodic jail time for operator of dog “torture camp”

Diane Eldrup has been convicted of
18 counts of animal cruelty


This story is simply unfathomable.  A Chicago-area woman has been sentenced to two and a half years of “periodic” prison time and probation for the torture and death of at least 14 dogs in her care. Many starved to death and were left to rot.

From the story:

A jury heard evidence that Eldrup allowed 14 dogs to die of starvation and dehydration while they were under her care at the Deer Park animal shelter. Their rotting carcasses were found amidst piles of moldy feces, and near empty food and water bowls.

Evidence was presented at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing that an additional eight to 10 carcasses were found at Muddy Paws after the snow melted. The 14 dead dogs and four live dogs were found Dec. 16, 2010, according to prosecutors Suzanne Willett, Michael Mermel and Raquel Robles-Eschbach.

“The defendant has been hiding and killing dogs far longer than the evidence of trial. The state is asking for a prison sentence. She starved them to death. She prolonged their suffering,” Willett said. “This was a torture camp for animals and she was a prison guard.”

Read the rest of the story here.

What do YOU think? Does the punishment fit the crime? Let us know by clicking here and leaving a note in the comments.

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Picture of the Day: S.O.S. Brown Trout

Falcons Ledge Brown Trout

This gorgeous Utah brown fell for a Higa’s S.O.S. nymph fished deep.

photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge and Castaway Films

Ryan Davis was fishing Utah’s Duchesne River with the guys from Falcon’s Ledge last week, when he laid into this gorgeous brown trout. Ryan was nymphing a deep hole with a Higa’s S.O.S. nymph, which just happens to have been invented by Spencer Higa, who works at the lodge. One of the cameramen behind Castaway Films, Ryan was in the Beehive State to shoot images and video for an upcoming project.

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Wading in Wedded Bliss

Kathryn Maroun's Wedding

Kathryn and Lou on their wedding day, along the shores of the Margaree.

photo courtesy Kathryn Maroun

My fall pilgrimage for Atlantic salmon on a historic river in the highlands of Nova Scotia, Canada, is like coming home year after year. Pursuit with rod and line for the king of game fish dates back to at least the 15th century. The colorful fall foliage, mixing with the tawny water of the Margaree River, is always postcard perfect. As are my wedding pictures, which were taken in the valley at Lower Tompkins pool. When we tried to register the marriage certificate with the Province, they kept sending it back to us, saying that the Lower Tompkins. . .

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