Video: Why Striped Bass Should Have “Game Fish Status”

Striped Bass Gamefish from Taylor Vavra on Vimeo.

If you've found it difficult to make sense of all the arguments for giving the Atlantic striped bass "game fish status"——this film from Stripers Forever lays it all out for you. Some of the luminaries of saltwater fishing, from Lou Tabory to Rip Cunningham, weigh in on why this is an important fight for anglers. After you've watched the video, visit Stripers Forever online for more information and for tips on how you can help.

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Picture of the Day: Spanish Rainbow

Ivan Tarin with a Spanish Rainbow

Ivan Tarin of Salvelinus Fishing Adventures, displays a fine non-native rainbow
trout caught from a crystal-clear tailwater in the Spanish Pyrenees.

photo by Sandy Hays

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Video: How to Tie a Simple Scud

Scuds, crustaceans known as Amphipods, are on a trout's menu year-round—especially in many tailwaters, spring creeks, and stillwaters. Trout love them because scuds are usually plentiful, easy to catch, and they have high nutritional value. There are almost 100 species of scuds in North America, but they all have the same basic shape, with prominent legs and a curved shell back. Mostly what. . .

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Orvis Dog of the Day: Talisker

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Talisker

"Well? You'd lick your nose, too. . .if only you could."

photo by Roger, Cheshire

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Rate our new video for a chance to win a FREE dog bed!

Last week, on the Dog Beds page at, we launched a new video to help dog owners choose the right bed. For instance, does your 70-pound Lab need a medium or a large? Oval or square? So far, the response has been great, but we're always looking for ways to improve. That's where you come in.

Please watch the video and give us your opinions on it in the comments below. One commenter, chosen at random, will win an Ultimate Fleece Wraparound Bed. Here's how it works:

After you've watched the video, please answer these three questions in the comments below.

1. What did you really like about the video?

2. What did you not like about it?

3. Do you still have any questions about choosing a dog bed?

We'll choose a winner on Wednesday, December 14. Thanks for your help, and good luck!

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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Food Treats for Dogs

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Rex

Make sure your pet avoids unhealthy eating during this holiday season of gluttony.

photo by Maria, Gastonia

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the peak season of eating, as a string of parties, celebrations, and treats threatens the waistlines of many Americans. With all these goodies lying around, you have to be careful that your dog doesn't get in on the gluttony. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't. . .
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New Book Helps Children Deal with the Death of a Dog

The pain caused by the death of a dog can be difficult to deal with, especially for children. When she saw how her daughters were struggling to cope with the loss of the family's beloved pet, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barbara Walsh did what she does best: she wrote about it as a way to discover the truths behind the story. The result is a new children's book called Sammy in the Sky, which describes the life and death of Sammy, Walsh's mixed-breed hound, and how her children, Emma and Nora, tried to cope with watching their best friend fade away: . . .

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Pictures of the Day: Riley’s Steelhead

Riley Brillon 4

A big fish deserves such a big smile.

photo by Shawn Brillon

A few weeks ago, Orvis product developer Shawn Brillon—a certified steelhead nut—took his 15-year-old son Riley over to New York's Salmon River to see if they could catch a chromer. Well, as these pictures attest, the boy's got the right stuff. Expect to see a lot more of Riley on this blog in the future. Way to go, young man!

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