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The Winning Organization to be Featured in our Catalogs Next Year is….

Written by: Phil Monahan

Canine Companions and

Over the last month, we have asked readers to vote for the next dog-related charity to be featured in the Orvis Dog catalog and be the recipient of an Orvis Commitment matching grant. Both organizations, Canine Companions for Independence and Foundation, had strong support, and we received thousands of votes!

Ultimately, the choice was very difficult. Canine Companions trains aid dogs to assist disabled persons struggling to achieve independence, and Foundation assists shelter dogs and facilitates canine rescues all across the country.

What a hard choice to make, as both organizations are fantastic and worthy of support!

The winner of the voting  as selected by Orvis customers to be featured in Orvis Dog Catalogs next year is…


Dog Stunt Gets DJ in Hot Water: Harmless Gag or Dangerously Irresponsible?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Don’t worry: it’s not a real dog, but could this stunt inspire others to try the real thing?

Photo Credit:

Last week a New York City DJ got himself into trouble by launching a stuffed dog that looked like his co-host’s dog, high over the NY skyline and pretended it was the real thing. The gag was a ticket give-away publicity stunt. It got his station international publicity, but also a lot of criticism.


Video: Dog Saves Family on His First Day!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Stories about hero dogs are popular here on, but we’ve never never seen one about a dog protecting its family on the first day in their home. Lee and Elizabeth Littler of Hillsboro, Ohio, rescued Hercules from a county pound because they feared he’d be put down soon. According to Lee, the goal was to “find him a good home, anything to keep him from. . .


Shelter Dogs Keep on Truckin’

Written by: Phil Monahan

Sean Kiel, a 46-year-old truck driver from Oregon, is pictured with Johnny 5,
the first dog he transported to safety.

photo via

A great story on the Today show website describes how long-haul truckers are being used to transport dogs from shelters, where they are in danger of being euthanized, to new homes. Apparently, there’s an

ever-growing network of animal lovers who are transporting rescued dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets and even the occasional monitor lizard or pot-bellied pig to loving homes, even if those homes are located hundreds of miles away. This unofficial Underground Railroad is powered by truckers, pilots, animal rescue groups and volunteers who provide “layover homes” to all kinds of creatures as they journey to new and happier lives.

Click here for the full story.


Expensive Taste: Dog Eats $1000 in Cash in Orlando

Written by: Phil Monahan

A very expensive, and very gross, jigsaw puzzle.

Credit: WKMG Orlando

A couple in Florida returned home to find their dog, a Labrador, chow, bulldog mix had eaten a thousand dollars in cash. Some quick thinking by the owners, and what is probably one of their grossest afternoons ever, enabled them to recover $900!

“My mother-in-law and our best friend were here and we were speechless. But they just laughed the whole evening and they helped us retrieve $900,” Lawrenson said.

Tuity managed to eat too many serial numbers on the last one-hundred dollar bill. The couple sent it to the Department of Treasury with a letter explaining what happened in hopes of being reimbursed for the rest.  

“I didn’t really see that one coming and I guarantee we’ll keep money away from now on,” Lawrenson added"

Read the rest of the story here.