Friday Film Festival 01.27.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection debuts some locations and species we’ve never featured before. Ever wondered if there is catch-and-release fly fishing for rainbows in North Africa? Well, your answer is below. (Hint: yes.) Learn how to thrill and mystify your friends by. . .

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Video: Fun at the Dog Park

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park from Kelsey Wynns on Vimeo.

This is a wonderful video, shot from both the dog’s and the owner’s perspectives, of a trip to the dog park. Bishop, the 9-month-old Great Dane, wears a camera on a harness, which gives a great “dog’s eye” view, and the whole thing is shot in slo-mo. The result is both beautiful and fun!

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Photo Essay: The Dogs of Reddit

One of the many great dog photos posted on

photo via Reddit refers to itself as “the front page of the Internet,” but it’s really a social news website where folks post links to pretty much anything they find interesting or funny. The content can be pretty vulgar and sophomoric, so I don’t recommend that anyone easily offended visit the site, but what makes Reddit relevant to this blog is that members frequently post pictures of their dogs. And some of these photos are quite wonderful. They feature puppies, older dogs, funny dogs, and everything else we love about our pets. Here’s a selection of pooch photos posted from the last couple days.

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False Casts: Addressing Rumors

Tom and Friends

Not everything you read on the Internet is true.

A few rumors made their way into my email inbox this morning. One makes its rounds around the Internet every once and a while, and I would like to address it here once and for all. The other two are new.

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Video: Trailer for a New Film About Monster Arctic Char

We’re big fans of R.A Beattie‘s films, and here’s a cool trailer for his latest project, The Arctic, focused on the amazing fishing for arctic char and lake trout on the Tree River. The Tree is located well above the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Nunavat Province, where the all-tackle world-record char was caught. Can’t wait to see the final film.

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A Real-Life Lassie-Style Rescue

Monty the hero, an 11-year-old Labradoodle.

photo Courtesy SWNS

The classic Lassie-style rescue scenario—the dog barks and someone says, “What are you trying to say, Lassie? Timmy fell down a well? Let’s go save him!”—has been the butt of jokes for decades. But here’s a remarkable, real-life example of a dog who ran and got help for his owner.

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Taking Great Fishing Photos with Catch Magazine Editor Brian O’Keefe

This week I have a special guest, Brian O’Keefe, who owns the fantastic electronic magazine called Catch Magazine, along with his business partner Todd Moen. Brian has been in the fly fishing business as long as I have, and he’s one of the best fly-fishing photographers out there. He’s traveled all over the world to photograph some of the most exotic fly fishing locations, as well as plenty of cool places closer to home. We ramble a bit about the old days, but the podcast is mainly about tips for the novice fly-fishing photographer. This podcast is longer than usual so I left out the usual Fly Box section, which will return next week. Lots of good questions these days so I have a good list of topics to cover!

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If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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Video: How to Tie Vinnie’s Isonychia Nymph

Isonychia mayflies, often known as slate-wing or mahogany duns, are prevalent throughout the Eastern United States, plus, the nymphs are active for most of the fishing season. That means an Iso nymph is a good searching pattern if you can’t tell what the fish are feeding on. These are predatory “swimmer” nymphs, which means. . .

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The Gorgeous Sporting-Dog Art of Bob White


“The Little Prince” – oil on canvas

by Bob White

Editor’s note: I’ve been friends with Bob White since we first met at a benefit fly-fishing event for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in 2007, but I’ve been a fan of his artwork for much longer than that. For instance, he did the wonderful illustrations for Tom Rosenbauer’s The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide. Bob posted a gorgeous dog painting on his Facebook page a few days ago, so I asked him if he would allow us to post a few examples of his work along with his thoughts about what goes into these paintings. Luckily for us, he agreed. He wrote the following brief introduction and then notes on each piece of artwork: . . .

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