Video: How Your Dog Sees You

I never saw this commercial when it originally aired a few years ago, but it’s a great gag. Plus, the message is an important one.

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So-Called “Rescuers” Found with 144 Dogs in a U-Haul

In an amazing story, authorities in Tennessee who stopped a van towing a U-Haul discovered 144 dogs (up from initial reports of 128) and a cat inside, crammed three and four to a crate and living in their own filth. One dog was dead. Even more shocking is that the two women arrested for animal cruelty—Bonnie Sheehan and Pamela King-McCraken—are associated with an animal rescue group called Hearts for Hounds, based in Long beach, California. The women told police. . .

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Tom Rosenbauer Trivia Challenge 01.19.12


This week’s Tom Rosenbauer Trivia Challenge is all about reading water—how to find trout, the best way to approach new water, tactics to match conditions, etc. Post your score in the comments below to become eligible for our giveaway: One lucky commenter, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of Tom’s recent book The Orvis Guide to the Essential American Flies, a great resource for anyone who enjoys tying flies.

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Video: Teaser for Epic Super Bowl Commercial

Here’s a great teaser for what promises to be an epic Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen. At first, it just sounds like dogs barking, but pretty soon the tune becomes clear. Do you hear it? The costumes on several of the dogs and the Italian greyhound who comes in at the end are dead giveaways. Just for fun, though, can we name every breed represented? (Or at least make educated guesses?)

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Orvis Dog of the Day: Oscar!

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Oscar

Doing his best Grouch Marx imitation: “Outside of a dog, a book is a
man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

photo Scott, Paradise

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Video: Hugh Falkus’s “Salmo: The Leaper”

After watching the great vintage video by Lee Wulff we posted on Monday, reader Patrick from Dublin sent along links to some other fantastic old footage on YouTube, including the complete Hugh Falkus film “Salmo: The Leaper” (1977). Falkus, a renowned filmmaker and angler, produced “Salmo: The Leaper” as part of a BBC series called “The World About Us.” It’s a fascinating look at the life cycle of Salmo salar, as well as featuring some wonderful angling footage. It’s a great piece of fly-fishing-film history that’s well worth the time.

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Did This Dog-Loving Couple Commit “Animal Abuse”?

John and Danika Shipman with their Yorkies, Copper and Penny.

photo via Dogster

Here’s a fascinating story from Dallas about a couple of dog lovers who are accused of abusing their pets. The story begins with a couple of young men who parked their car in a in a garage and were surprised to hear dogs barking. When they investigated, they discovered that the sound was coming from the trunk of a car.

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