Photos of the Day: Patagonia Proud

Baker Lodge 1

Ken Ferrin with a fine Chilean brown trout.

photo courtesy Ken and Patti Ferrin

Ken and Patti Ferrin love Patagonia Baker Lodge in Chile so much that they've been twice this season. Based on these pictures, it's easy to see why.

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Videos: Dogs at Play!

Seneca Runs - Time Lapse Tuesday from Image Brew on Vimeo.

Here are two great videos featuring dogs at play, and I liked them both so much that I couldn't decide between them. Which one is your favorite?

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Video: How to Tie the Single-Wing Flatwing

Flatwings are traditional Maine streamers with the wing feather tied in perpendicular to the hook, but I believe it was Rhode Island striper guru Ken Abrames who first moved the horizontal hackle to the rear of the hook shank sometime in the late 1970s. So I guess these patterns might be more accurately called "Flattails," but . . .

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Orvis Dog of the Day: Livia!


Livia has been through a lot in her six years, but that hasn't dampened her sweetness.

photo by Stacy Pobatschnig

I was walking by Stacy's desk the other day—she's Orvis's Sporting Traditions Marketing Manager—when I saw the cute face above on her computer screen. I asked about it, and Stacy replied, "That's Livia!" and proceeded to rave about her for a few minutes. So I asked Stacy to send me the picture, as well as a description of what makes Livia so special. Here's what she came up with: . . .

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Chasing Skwallas on the Lower Yuba

Lower Yuba 1

The author's pal with a chunky Yuba River rainbow.

photo by Jason Cotta

The clouds loomed overhead when I picked up my good friend Jason to begin yet another California adventure. We were headed to the Yuba River, located less than 90 minutes outside Sacramento. The trip wasn’t as glamorous as our exploits over the last couple weeks, but we were excited nonetheless. In the last month, we’ve been fortunate enough to catch steelhead up to ten pounds on fabled waters such as the Klamath and Trinity, but. . .

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Video: Another Teaser for a Film About Dam Projects That Threaten Chilean Patagonia

AITUE / Teaser 2/4 from AITUE on Vimeo.

Back in late December, we posted a gorgeous trailer for an upcoming film about fly fishing and conservation in the mountains of Patagonia. The video above is a second trailer for the same cause. At issue is a massive hydroelectric project that would dam some of the regions most pristine watersheds. Here's a brief description of the struggle being waged in Chile: . . .

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Video: Dogs in Cars

Dogs in Cars from keith on Vimeo.

Okay, before you watch this, please be advised that Orvis recommends that all dogs in cars be restrained. We sell a very nice Dog Safety Harness, but there are lots of other such products available.

That said, this is a beautiful video that features dogs of all shapes and sizes. (You'll note that many of the dogs here are restrained, which we applaud.) What's particularly wonderful are their expressive faces and the sense of wonder apparent in their eyes.

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More Great Dog Articles from Forbes Magazine

A purebred flat-coated retriever.

photo via Wikipedia

After we posted about his excellent interview with the director behind the documentary Madonna of the Mills, Forbes magazine columnist Allen St. John sent me a kind email, which included this gem: . . .

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