Video: Destin Beach Albies and Redfish

Destin Beach Fishing from SHALLOW WATER EXPEDITIONS on Vimeo.

Guide David Mangum, the man behind Shallow Water Expeditions, has produced another great video featuring Florida saltwater action. Back in December, his “Bulls on Top” almost blew up the Internet it was so popular, and this video—shot off Destin, between Pensacola and Panama City—has a lot of the same elements: great footage, sharp editing, and cool music. Casting a beast of a redfish in the starring role was a pretty good idea, too.

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Video: An Amazing Re-Homing Journey for Rescued Dogs

Rehoming the Sebring victims of cruelty. from Dolly's Foundation on Vimeo.

Here’s a wonderful video that follows a 4,000-mile journey by members of Dolly’s Foundation to deliver seven pit bulls—rescued from a fighting ring—to new homes around the country. A Florida nonprofit, Dolly’s Foundation is dedicated to “rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless, neglected, and abused American Pit Bull Terriers and other bully breed dogs, as well as preserve, promote, and bring positive awareness to the breed and the negative stereotype bestowed upon them.” I’ll let the video tell the touching story here, but I will offer a hearty Bravo! to these wonderful dog lovers and their efforts.

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Pit Bulls No Longer Classified as “Vicious” in Ohio

No longer will Ohio’s pit bulls be considered vicious because of their breed alone.

photo via the Toledo Blade

Yesterday morning, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio signed new legislation that overturns a 25-year-old law declaring all pit bulls “vicious.” According to an article in the Toledo Blade, . . .

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Seven Tips for Taking GREAT Pictures of your Dog

 As a kid, my pocket point-and-shoot camera was one of my favorite diversions, second only to the subject of my shutterbug tendencies: my dogs. Decades later, not much has changed. (Though now, I shoot with an SLR, and my dogs are vastly better behaved than the pets of my youth.) My pooch Theodore is not only my Service Dog, but he’s also my muse, and his adventures fill the pages of my blog,, City Dog/ Country Dog,  which tells the tales of Theo’s adventures, split between city and country life.

Theo on the path

So when the folks at Orvis asked me to share some of my tricks and tips for capturing exceptional dog photos, Theodore and I were more than happy to oblige.

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Picture of the Day: Missouri River Rainbow

Missouri River Rainbow

The San Juan Worm strikes again!.

photo by Phil Tanis

Blog reader Phil Tanis sent in this photo with a description: “A January Chinook wind brought a 50-degree day outside of Helena on the Missouri River. This rainbow buck, as well as about a dozen other trout, found the San Juan Worm irresistible.”

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Warning About Chinese-Made Dog Treats

Blog reader Mary Kay felt so strongly about an issue facing dog owners that she sent us this email:

I was wondering if you could to a public service to pet owners everywhere.
On your blog, could you please run a story about the FDA warning regarding
the use of Chicken Jerky Dog treats made in China? It amazes me how many
people do not know of the warning and stores are not pulling the products
from their shelves since there has not been any official recall. Meanwhile
hundreds of dogs have gotten sick and hundreds have died. Many others could. . .

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Friday Film Festival 02.17.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection is heavy on the trout, with a dose of Atlantic salmon and steelhead thrown in for good measure. The saltwater community is represented by just a single bonefish vid, but I would expect. . .

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