Videos: Two Views on the Elwha Restoration Project

Return of the River 2.12.2012 from Jessica Plumb on Vimeo.

Here are two great videos that describe projects focused on the destruction of the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams on Washington’s Elwha River last fall. Above is the trailer for an upcoming documentary film that will show how the river recovers. Below is the teaser for an “interactive documentary” that explores the largest dam removal in U.S. history. Through video, audio, and photography, meet conservationists, researchers, fishermen and. . .

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The Orvis Job Wall 03.22.12

The Orvis Home Office in Sunderland VT

The Orvis Home Office in Sunderland, VT

Welcome to the Orvis Job Wall, where we update you periodically on the opportunities to be a part of the Orvis team. As a friend and follower of Orvis, you likely know and appreciate the products, the brand, and the lifestyle that have been integral to Orvis for more than 150 years. We firmly believe that the only way for Orvis to achieve its vision to be the most respected lifestyle brand in America is to build a company culture that is supportive and inspiring to the individuals who will help us get there. You may not have considered that Orvis, the brand you know and love, may also be a great place to take your next career step, so we hope provide some insights in to our employment brand, culture, and opportunities.

This week, we wanted to shine the light on five opportunities, from Fishing Managers to Art Directors. Locations range from Louisiana to Virginia to Massachusetts and Vermont. Click the job titles to see a complete job listing, as well as instructions for applying.

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Video: Rescuing A Family of Dogs Abandoned on the Street

Yet another moving video from Hope for Paws‘ Eldad Hagar, who resues a family of four Pomeranians, which have been abandoned on the street. Capturing four dogs is a difficult process, but Eldad is a real pro at figuring out which tactics will work for each individual animal. And it’s wonderful to see how quickly he can calm them with just the right touch.

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Video: Dog Loves the Slide

We started the day with a funny dog video, so why not end it that way, too? The weather is so gorgeous here in Vermont, I can only think happy thoughts. Enjoy!

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Children in the Stream Conference Seeks to Train Youth Instructors

Alberto Rey 2

Alberto Rey shows his two kids how to read water on a local stream.

photo by Cindy Ferraro

Orvis-endorsed fly-fishing guide Alberto Rey has announced the launch of a new summertime conference to train people who want to teach kids how to fly fish. According to the event website, the Children in the Stream Conference is an ground-breaking interdisciplinary approach to education through the sport of fly fishing for educators, community members, and educational programmers who are looking for a way to integrate. . .

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Video: Eric Clapton on the River Test


Guitarist Eric Calapton discusses his love of fly fishing, as he relaxes on the banks of the River Test.

photo via

I stumbled on this old video from the British TV show “Botham on the Fly,” featuring legendary guitarist Eric Clapton fishing on the River Test at Fulling Mill. Despite his fame, Clapton seems low-key on the river, and he explains how fly-fishing is almost exactly unlike his day job, which is why he loves it. He looks like a bloke you’d have no problem sharing the water with. That host of the show, on the other hand. . .

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Video: A Dog Serves as a Little Girl’s Lifeline

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Three-year-old Alida Knobloch has a rare disease that requires her to be constantly connected to a 6-pound oxygen tank. This could severely curtail a child’s mobility, but thankfully, Alida has Mr. Gibbs. A golden doodle trained to carry Alida’s oxygen bottle, he has enriched her life immeasurably.

But this was not as simple as it may sound. Most service dogs do not do well with kids under the age of five: . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Sucker Spawn

Fly fishing sometimes feels like it’s bound by a lot of rules. Some are truly old-school: thou shalt fish a dry fly upstream only, for instance. But even in the 21st century there’s a lot of hair-splitting about many aspects of the sport. Some guys don’t like to use beadheads, while others consider a strike indicator nothing more than a bobber and therefore unacceptable. It seems. . .

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Pictures of the Day: Early-Season Utah Browns

Falcon's Ledge Brown 1

Show us those pearly whites!

photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge

Got an email with these two pictures attached from Jason Danley at Falcon’s Ledge:

The springtime fishing here in Utah has been spectacular this year. The ice came off the still waters a little early, and the fishing has been unbelievable for large trout that only seem to show up in early spring and. . .

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