Pilots ‘n’ Paws Fulfills Dying Man’s Wish to be Reunited with His Dog

Rod Calvert is reunited with his beloved dog, Bailey, during his final
days, as his wife, Debbi, looks on.

photo via Pilots N Paws

Roger Calvert traveled from his home in Florida to his native Pittsburgh for a medical checkup, where he received tragic news: His cancer had returned, and he had just days to live. Calvert knew that his final days would be easier with his beloved dog, Bailey, by his side. But Bailey, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever, was back in Florida, more than 1,000 miles away.

Enter Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit organization that uses private pilots to transport dogs around the country, usually from a shelter to a new home. But since the distance required in this case was so much farther than the normal trip, getting bailey to Pennsylvania was. . .

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Video: Peter Kutzer Casting Tricks for the Kids

Peter Kutzer may not have won the casting competition in Salt Lake City, but he had a great time teaching kids about fly casting. Here he is in a shaky iPhone video showing off his stuff on the casting pool, casting 65 feet from his knees and then from his back! It’s proof that you don’t have to be tall to cast long distances. It’s all about the casting stroke and the timing. Don’t try this at home without a spotter.

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Photos: Big Dogs, Little Doors

“How come the cat gets its own door and I don’t?”

photo via reddit

After the video about Fiona (see last post), I figured something light was in order. These two photos turned up, completely independently of each other, on Reddit yesterday and made me laugh.

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Orvis Casters Shine at “Best of the West” Competition

Molly Semenik and Nick Teynor

Women’s “Best of the West” Champion Molly Semenik with Men’s Champion, Nick Teynor.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Over the past couple of months, we’e kept you up-to-date on the success Orvis casters have had at the Best of the West casting Competitions, held at International Sportsmen’s Expos around the West. First, Peter Kutzer and Molly Semenik took top honors at the Denver show, and then Hutch Hutchinson equaled Pete’s achievement in Sacramento and Cinda Howard won in. . .

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Video: A New Life for Fiona

This incredible video combines two other videos, from Hope for Paws‘ Eldad Hagar, which tell Fiona’s story. When Eldad and Audrey first find her, Fiona’s condition is shocking: filthy, flea-infested, blind, and despairing. But you’ve seen enough of these videos by know to know how it ends. No matter how many times we witness these transformations, they don’t get any less moving.

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Orvis Dog of the Day: Sammy the Hall-of-Famer


A former stray found wandering the streets in an emaciated state, Sammy exudes calm,
and everyone who meets him agrees that there is something special about his touch.

photo courtesy NJVMA

Sammy is a Redtick-coonhound mix who has a very special gift. With the help of his owner—Nancy Turner of Somerset, NJ—he has gone from being a Mississippi stray to an award-winning therapy dog in just a few short years. One touch of his silky smooth coat leaves the young patients he visits feeling more at ease. Every year, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) honors the. . .

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Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide Podcast: Junk in the Trunk–Eggs, Worms and Scuds

This week in the Fly Box we first talk about what to expect when fishing for king salmon in Alaska, the half hitch vs. the whip finish in fly tying, and etiquette on salmon rivers. Then, in the main event, we explore the fascinating world of what some people call “junk” flies—worms, eggs, and scuds. These flies are fished like nymphs and are just as much a “match the hatch” situation as elegant mayfly nymphs (at least in my opinion).

Click the play button below to listen to this episode. Go to orvis.com/podcast to subscribe to future episodes

If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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Service-Dog Training Program Helps Inmates

It’s obvious how a service dog can change the life of a disabled person by offering them increased freedom. But the process of training these dogs can also have profound impacts, as evidenced by a Washington program that uses prison inmates as dog trainers. As the video above shows, these men know that, in order to be eligible for the program, they have to change their ways, and then the experience of working with the dogs offers. . .

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