Pictures of the Day: Limay Monster Brown Trout

Limay Brown 1

Carlos Fernandez hoists a hog of a brown trout taken from Argentina’s Limay River.

photo courtesy Carlos Fernandez

The Nature Conservancy‘s Carlos Fernandez was fishing the famed Limay River outside Bariloche, Argentina, on April 15 when he laid into this monster brown trout, which tipped the scales at an astonishing 11 pounds. Check out the kype on that thing! When Carlos isn’t working hard for The Nature Conservancy protecting the. . .

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Your Chance to Own a Piece of Angling History

Ted Williams’s Orvis Batten Kill bamboo fly rod is just one of 700+ items up for auction.

photo via

As a lifelong Red Sox fan and fly fisherman, this is the kind of thing that might cause me to lock up the credit cards for a couple of days, just in case. On Saturday, an auction of items belonging to Hall of Fame icon—and hardcore outdoorsman—Ted Williams will be held at Fenway Park in Boston. (Online pre-bidding runs through tonight at 11 p.m. EST.)

Among the more than 700 items are lots of rods, reels, and flies that the “Splendid Splinter” used on the water, including the above Orvis rod. (Lots 474-548 are listed as “Fishing related materials.”) It’s clear from the description of. . .

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Report: Pennsylvania Failing to Enforce Puppy-Mill Regulations

Having laws against unscrupulous breeders is a wasted exercise if no one inspects and penalizes those operations that fall short of requirements.

photo via

We’ve recently posted about pending anti-puppy-mill legislation in Ohio, but it’s important to remember that legislation alone doesn’t get things done. A scathing report and blog post in The Philadelphia Enquirer this week point to lax enforcement of puppy-mill regulations in the Keystone State. According to the article, entitled “Little Evidence of Enforcement of new PA Kennel Law Provisions”: . . .

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Updates on the Elwha Dam-Removal Progress

An aerial view of the plume of sediment at the mouth of the Elwha shows just how much material had collected behind the two dams over a century.

photo via

Leland Miyawaki, fishing manager of Orvis Bellevue, sent me links to two great stories from The Seattle Times showing how things are going on the Elwha River as the removal of two large dams progresses. The above photo is kind of scary, showing how much. . .

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10 Warnings Signs for Canine Cancer (Repost)

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Beamer

Cancer is a word that has long held a strong emotional impact. The word itself is derived from the Greek word for crab. The Greeks made the association recognizing some shared characteristics of the disease and the animal, the firmness and tenacity seen in both. Today, we have a much more sophisticated, although still imperfect, appreciation of what cancer is, but many questions remain. In the future, I will address questions on about how cancer affects our pets, explain how specific cancers are diagnosed and treated, and look at the good work of the Morris Animal Foundation that the Orvis Canine Cancer Campaign supports. As an introduction, here are some early warning signs owners can watch for in their dogs.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has developed the following list common signs of cancer in small animals.

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What Do You Think? Implants for Neutered Dogs

Do male dogs grieve for their missing parts?

photo via

An interesting article in today’s Business Week addresses an issue that’s easy to snicker at, but one wonders if we have been insensitive to the feelings of post-neutering male dogs. Almost 20 years ago, Gregg Miller says, he watched his bloodhound, Buck, go through a grieving process after he was. . .

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Pictures of the Day: Eastern Guide Rendezvous Brown Trout

The wild brown trout of the Battenkill are wary and big, but a Hendrickson
spinnerfall will bring them to the surface.

photo courtesy Michael Steiner

[Editor’s Note: Someone commented that, based on the pictures published on, the Western Guide Rendezvous looked like it was more fun than the Eastern version. To prove that the Eastern guides got a chance to lay into some nice trout, too, here’s a post from Michael Steiner of Nemacolin Field Club in Farmington, Pennsylvania.]

This past week we were in attendance at the Orvis Endorsed Guide’s Eastern Rendezvous, held in Manchester, Vermont. This was our first opportunity to vist the corporate facilities, rod-building factory, flagship Orvis school facility, and . . .

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Video: Nicola and Jack Jack

Here’s a lovely short video about the love and trust between a young woman dog trainer and her border collie. What becomes very clear is that this is a true partnership, and both benefit from their combined efforts. As Nicola puts it, . . .

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Video: How to Tie an Egg-Laying Grannom Caddis

Before the rains came over the weekend, the hatches of American grannoms (Brachycentrus americanus) on the Battenkill were monstrous. Each evening, driving home from work, I’d have to turn on the windshield wipers because so many of these caddisflies were in the air. My kids first thought that it was raining when they heard the sound of the bugs hitting. . .

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Pictures of the Day: A Plethora of Puppies

Both youngsters in this photo have amazing eyes.

all photos via

After the awful subject matter of yesterday’s last post, about troubles in a Florida animal shelter, I thought I’d cheer things up. And what better way to do that than with 22 great photos of extremely cute puppies. So enjoy some smiles with this morning’s Puppypalooza!

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