Ultimate Upland Chaps: “Our wingshooting guides wear them in the field daily.”

Highland Hills

The crew at highland Hills Ranch, in Condon, Oregon, hunts long and hard
during the season, and they love the Ultimate Upland Chaps.

photo courtesy Highland Hills Ranch

Here at Highland Hills Ranch, we are constantly recommending the Orvis Ultimate Upland Chaps to our guests. Our wingshooting guides can be found wearing them in the field daily. The waterproof feature makes them great when walking through the early morning dew and prevents wet pant legs for the rest of the day. Our guides appreciate the lightweight yet durable construction that makes these chaps a “go to” item for them. Another feature that we love is they are breathable yet waterproof, unlike so many others. The wash-and-wear factor makes them easy to clean and maintain. This year, a couple of the guides finally “retired” theirs after 3 years of very heavy use! It is common for us to re-stock our pro shop several times each season with these chaps, due to their popularity.

Click here to learn more and see a video about the Ultimate Upland Chaps.

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A Video Tribute to Jose Wejebe

Last week, we posted about the tragic airplane crash that took the life of “Spanish Fly” host Jose Wejebe. Here’s a wonderful video put together by his production team that traces Wejebe’s life from his early childhood as a Cuban exile, through the development of his love and passion for fishing, right up to his final trips for the TV show. I met Jose just once, at a charity event in Colorado, and I remember. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Multi-Feather Flatwing

Back in February, we featured a video on tying a Single-Wing Flatwing streamer, and this lesson builds on the techniques you learned to tie that simple fly. A Multi-Feather Flatwing offers a much bigger profile and moves a lot more water, which can create fish-attracting commotion. However, it also requires that you layer a lot of stuff on a single hook. This fly looks complicated and . . .

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Pictures of the Day: Tiger by the Tail

Tiger 2

A tiger trout is a cross between a brown and brook trout, and you can see elements of both.

photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge

The folks from Falcon’s Ledge sent me these cool pictures of angler Mike Hague, who battled some cold conditions and got into this large tiger trout. Spring is the best time of year to target these feisty predators, which are quite piscivorous (fish eaters) from an early age. They seem to. . .

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Video: Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Fallen Friend

The loyal dog, whose name turns out to be Maggie, was clearly traumatized by the sudden loss of her partner when she was captured by animal control officers.

photo Courtesy of L.A. County Department of Animal Control

Here’s a remarkable story from Southern California that serves as an example of a dog’s capacity for loyalty and bravery, but it also raises some troubling questions about the animal’s owners. Last Wednesday, a dog was hit by a car and killed in the street in the city of Baldwin Park. This is terrible sad, but unfortunately not uncommon. What made this case special was that. . .

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Eastern Guides Rendezvous at Orvis

Eastern Rendezvous

Orvis guides from east of the Mississippi are in town for two days of information and networking.

photo by Scott McEnaney

Last week, the Orvis Western ELOG Rendezvous was held in Missoula, Montana, and now the eastern folks are meeting here in Vermont. (ELOG = Endorsed Lodges, Guides, and Outfitters.) About 60 fishing guides, lodge owners, and shop owners coming from all over the eastern United States will get a chance to compare notes, get company updates, and learn about new products. It’s a very cool event, for it offers us the opportunity to learn more about their fisheries, as well.

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Tuesday Tip: Dead-Drifting Streamers for Big Trout

Price 4

Drew Price shows off a 24.5-inch beast that fell for a dead-drifted streamer on Saturday.

photo by Drew Price

Early in the season, trout streams tend to be a bit on the high side, and the water is cold and discolored. These can be tough conditions for fishing, but it can also be one of the best times of year to get into larger fish if you use the right techniques. This past weekend was the opening of the trout season in Vermont. Although conditions here are very atypical of April—most streams are low, the water is fairly warm (in the mid to upper 40’s) and there is good clarity—I still stuck with my opening weekend tradition of. . .

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