Woman Loses One Dog Only to Joyfully Discover Another

B.J. Ross and her long lost dog, Samson.

photo courtesy BJ Ross

In an incredible story of tragedy and triumph, a Pennsylvania woman whose beloved dog had just died rediscovered another dog that she thought had been lost forever. B.J. Ross returned home on her lunch break one day earlier this month, and found that her 15-year-old cocker spaniel, . . .

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Friday Film Festival 06.29.12

Welcome to another edition of the OrvisNews.com Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection has lots of great trout action, from Scandinavia to Tierra del Fuego. You’ll see anglers fishing in all kinds of conditions, from battling unbelievable wind to climbing high peaks. There isn’t too much saltwater action this week, but what we do have is pretty. . .

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Celebrating a First Redfish and an Anniversary


After years of waiting, Kris Maurer was finally able to take a redfish on a fly. . .
thanks to his understanding wife.

photo courtesy Kris Maurer

First, let me rewind a few years. I was in love with the woman of my life. I had just bought a ring, and we were on our way to Charleston, South Carolina. I told her I was bringing a fly rod and had all the intention of the world to try and go redfishing. However, some other things were of more importance. My stomach was in knots the entire trip down, as I had no idea of how to pop the question, and fishing was the last thing on my mind. Long story short, I proposed to my wife during that trip, and. . .

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Video: Rent-a-Dog Service to Benefit Shelters

Here’s a woman with an interesting idea that’s sure to start a conversation. Katherine Long, a graduate student in New York City is experimenting with a “Rent-a-Dog” stand in Central Park, in which folks can walk or play with a dog for 20 minutes for just $5. All the money raised goes to. . .

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First Annual Lake Henshaw Carp Throw Down a Success!

Carp Hendrickson 1

John Hendrickson—flanked by Al Quattrocchi (left) and Conway Bowman—received an Orvis Helios 6-weight for catching the largest fish.

photo by Michelle Woo Bowman

Early this month, we posted about the first annual Lake Henshaw Carp on the Fly Warm Water Throw Down, which took place last Saturday on Lake Henshaw, northeast of San Diego.

Twenty-two anglers took part, in boating and wading divisions, and the competition was. . .

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“Miracle” Dog Rescued from Iran Finds a New Home

In a wonderful story that features tragedy, bravery, compassion, and even cultural importance, a paralyzed dog from Iran has found a new home in Maryland, with a family who shares his heritage. Omid was found on the streets of Tehran, where he had fended for himself for several years—which is remarkable because. . .

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