A Face Only a Mother Could Love: “Mugly” Named World’s Ugliest Dog

Mugly, a Chinese crested dog from England won(?) the annual World’s Ugliest Dog
contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

photo via news-leader.com

Everyone thinks that theirs is the cutest, sweetest dog in the world, right? Well, maybe not everybody. Twenty-eight dogs and their owners from around the world met in California last week to vie for the title of World’s Ugliest dog. The dogs are judged on their. . .

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Guide Tip: The “45 and 90 Degree” Rule (Repost)

Drift boat downstream

Casting downstream, rather than straight across or even upstream, from a moving
drift boat allows each angler to get the best shots at the most fish.

photo by Kevin Emery

I could feel the grips on the oars bite into my palms as I backrowed and tried to hold the boat in place.

“Okay. Big fish rising at 2 o’clock, five feet from the bank.,” I told the angler in the front of the boat.

“Just a minute, let me get a shot at the one back here,” he replied.

“No. Forget it. Look ahead! Look ahead!”

But it was too late. So we floated by the nicest fish I’d seen all day and never even got a shot at it. It’s easy to get focused on every rise when fishing from a drift boat, but anglers often spend too much time looking back and not taking advantage of the best opportunities to catch fish in front of them. By applying the “45 and 90 degrees” rule, you will increase your opportunities to catch…

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Friday Film Festival 06.22.12

Welcome to another edition of the OrvisNews.com Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. I’m on vacation today, but I couldn’t face the wrath of readers who tuned in at lunchtime for their weekly video fix only to find a blank page. There’s a bunch of great stuff in this week’s collection, including a horror film about the effects of nuclear radiation on one particular slimy. . .

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Pictures of the Day: High-Country Cutthroat

Hill 1

This is what makes a long hike and a lot of casting worthwhile.

photo by Jon Hill

Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill sent in these photos, along with the story behind them:

A couple of friends and I hiked up to 12,000 feet on a Saturday night, set up camp, and fished a couple of lakes the next morning. Luckily, . . .

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Alaska Dispatch: Bristol Bay River Academy, The Final Exam

BBA Day 6 1

Sherilynn proudly displays Candi’s first fish on a fly.

photo by John Van Vleet

[Editor’s Note: Orvis outdoor copywriter John Van Vleet has traveled to Alaska to be an instructor at the Bristol Bay River Academy, which we posted about back in April and which Orvis sponsors. He will be sending daily dispatches on his experiences.]

Five days of training, covering everything from the mechanics of casting to the basics of first aid, led us up to today. For the students of the 2012 Bristol Bay River Academy, this was the final exam. Their leaders were hand tied, their flies arranged neatly in boxes, and their fly-fishing confidence at an. . .

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Video: Blind Woman’s Service Dog Not Allowed in Ann Taylor Store

We’ve posted before about people with service dogs who were asked to leave restaurants and such that had policies against dogs. Every time, readers have been astonished, wondering how anyone could be so clueless or would be willing to buck the American with Disabilities Act. Here’s yet another example of this cluelessness, but on a. . .

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The Joys of Sea-Run Cutthroats, and How to Catch Them

Searun 1

A beautifully marked sea-run cutthroat caught on the surface with a Miyawaki Beach Popper.

photo courtesy Leland Miyawaki

When fly fishers think of the Pacific Northwest, they think of wild rivers full of salmon and big wild steelhead. But when the salmon are still meandering their way down from Alaska and the steelhead rivers are running high and dirty, the savvy fly fisher picks up a fly rod and heads to the nearest beach. Yes, you’re reading me right, beach, as in. . .

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Great Dane Adopts Orphaned Fawn

Kate with Pippin, whom the Great Dane cared for after Isobel Springett rescued the fawn.

photo via lifewithdogs.tv

In 2008, a Vancouver Island woman named Isobel Springett found an orphaned baby deer, so she took it in. She was amazed to discover that her pet dog, Kate, immediately began mothering the forlorn fawn. The two became inseparable, and Springett, a photographer, documented their. . .

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