This blog features Orvis products that our associates or our customers particularly enjoy or appreciate for their quality, utility, and comfort.

Reversible Ladies’ Jackets: I only need two jackets for four different looks!

I am the #1 fan of the ladies reversible quilted jackets. When traveling for four days, I only need two jackets to have four different looks. I have so many quilted jackets that I have to keep them in three different closets so my husband doesn’t see how many I really have. Each one is unique and colorful that I keep buying more!


Orvis Wrinkle Free Chinos: “You won’t catch me at work wearing anything else”

I’ve worked in retail for almost ten years. No matter where I have worked the outfit for work attire has remained the same; a nice pair of pants, preferably khaki in color, and a business casual shirt. The shirt has never been a problem for me, who doesn’t have a closet full of business casual shirts? Pants have always been an issue. Trying to find a pair that can handle the walking around and bending to lift up things or brushing up against shelves and boxes all day long while still maintaining a professional appearance for customers has been challenging. Challenging until I put on a pair Orvis Wrinkle Free Chinos. A perfect fit, it feels somehow both soft and durable at the same time. The wrinkle free aspect means I look professional all day long no matter what I have to do, and I have lost count on the number of times a customer has asked where I got them from. I give these pants two thumbs up, five stars, and a ten out of ten rating. You won’t catch me at work wearing anything else.

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