Pictures of the Day: Shifting Gears with Orvis

orvis gear shift 2

If only there were a way to engage the drag whenever you accelerate.

photo courtesy William Schlein

Joseph Meyer, fishing manager of Orvis Chicago, sent us these cool pictures. One of the store’s customers, William Schlein, converted an old Orvis Western Series fly rod into a gear shifter in his car. Now he’s reminded of time on the water, even when he’s. . .

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Video: Incoming! or When to Get the Heck Off the Water

It was a fine July evening when fellow guide Bryan Eldredge and I decided we would go and fish a local reservoir near Falcon’s Ledge. It had been a long day and we hadn’t had any rain for a couple of weeks, which was strange for this time of year. There were clouds forming all day, but nothing threatening. We hooked up the drift boat to Bryan’s truck and headed to. . .

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Check Out This Great Live Cam: Holly’s Half Dozen!

Mollys Half Dozen

A live cam from Dog Bless You allows everyone to watch Molly’s puppies grow and play.

photo courtesy

Do you ever feel a little down in the dumps? Or perhaps you just need an emotional pick-me-up after a tough day at the office. Well, the Dog Bless You Service Puppy Cam just might be the medicine for what ails you.

This live cam allows anyone to watch Holly and her six golden-retriever puppies in their special enclosure in Brookeville, Maryland. Aside from the wonders of their sheer cuteness, it’s also heartwarming to know that. . .

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Report from the Cimarron: Granny Was Right


Rita Schimpff with a fine Cimarron River rainbow.

photo courtesy Rita Schimpff

My granny used to always quip, “Big presents come in small packages,” and such was the case on our fly-fishing adventure on the Cimarron River out of Ute Park, New Mexico. My husband, Skip, and I had met Doc Thompson at Troutfest 2012 in New Braunfels, Texas and had decided to set up a trip with him. Although we both love to fish dries, I especially do, and that was how we. . .

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Video: Best Birthday Present Ever!

Yes, this does suffer from “Vertical Video Syndrome,” but it’s awfully cute. It seems that Madeline has been wanting a dog for two years, but her parents were waiting until they found just the right one. Here’s what happened. The only thing that might perhaps be better would be an actual mermaid.


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Pressure Mounts to Remove Chinese-Made Treats from Stores

Cali, a shepherd mix, died from a stomach rupture after eating Chinese-made chicken
jerky treats, according to her owner Rachael Chambers.

photo via

We’ve posted several times about the ongoing problems with Chinese-made jerky treats, which have made hundreds of dogs sick. (See here and here.) Now a California woman is claiming that three of her dogs fell ill after eating Milo’s Kitchen jerky treats and that one of them, a shepherd mix named Cali, died of a. . .

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