Epic Hopper Fishing in Wyoming


Mike Schmidt with a chunky, hopper-eating brown trout.

photo courtesy Mike Schmidt

For the last few years I have had to listen to Greg Senyo’s stories of wild, hopper-eating trout on his hosted trips in Wyoming. As the story goes, the fish require long casts, with long leaders, big foam bugs, and drag-free drifts. If you can put it all together, the big browns materialize from the undercut banks and current seams to come and. . .

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Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer Interviews Orvis’ Resident Carp Expert, Tim Daughton

Orvis product developer Tim Daughton shows off a fly-caught carp.

photo courtesy Tim Daughton

After a special introduction from my son who visited the studio this week, two self-described carp addicts talk all about carp fishing, from finding them to presentation tactics to tackle and flies. I interview my co-worker Tim Daughton, who is by far the most experienced carp fly fisherman on our staff–to put it more precisely he’s obsessed with carp fishing and will pass up trout fishing most times to chase carp. We’ve had lots of requests to do more podcasts on these very challenging fish, available to most people in urban and rural locations throughout the world. In the fly box, we ramble from how much to spend for a fly rod to when to replace a fly line to fishing in foul weather to a few steelhead tips. And a couple more.

Click the play button below to listen to this episode. Go to orvis.com/podcast to subscribe to future episodes

If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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UPDATE: Wicca Killed for Being a Pit Bull

Owner Christos Papakosta, says goodbye to Wicca before they part ways.

photo courtesy CBC

On Tuesday, we posted about the case of Wicca, a dog who had been sentenced to die in Montreal for what seemed a relatively minor altercation with a stranger. Attempts to save the dog’s life failed, as she was. . .

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Picture of the Day: Guide Gone Grabblin’. . .for Koi

Kutzer Goldie

Pete shows off an unusual Battenkill trophy that he noodled up during a fly-fishing school.

photo courtesy XXXXXXX

This remarkable photo showed up in my email yesterday, with the subject line “Battenkill.” At first I thought it was a joke, but it turned out to be legit. And when I asked for the real story, I got two, kind of different accounts describing. . .

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Friday Film Festival 07.27.12

Welcome to another edition of the OrvisNews.com Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection has a real international flair, as you’ll be transported from Canada, to Argentina, to the South Pacific, and on to Japan. In this great nation, we’ve got entries from Colorado, Florida, Montana, and Idaho. As usual, there are plenty of little oddities and tidbits to watch out for, such as a lesson in. . .

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Video: Hero Dog Saves Injured Owner Stranded in a Canyon


Danelle Ballengee is rescued from a remote canyon, as Taz watches over her.

photo via Animal Planet

It seems like it’s “Hero Dog Week” here on OrvisNews.com, as these stories keep popping up. This one is almost six years old, but it’s worth retelling. It’s the amazing story of an adventure racer, Danelle Ballengee, who finds herself injured and stranded in a remote Utah canyon. Her only companion is her dog, Taz, who manages to . . .

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Take the Phil Monahan Trivia Challenge and Win a Signed Copy of Tom’s Book!

Phil Trivia

It’s quiz time again, and I’m deputizing for Tom. Many of you thought that last week’s quiz was pretty easy, so perhaps you’ll find this a bit tougher. It’s hard to tell which questions will trip up such a knowledgeable audience.

Post your score in the comments below to become eligible for our giveaway: One lucky commenter, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of Tom’s recent. . .

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The Barbour Rainbow International Jacket: “Versatile for all types of weather!”

Colorful, waterproof, and breathable, this iconic rain coat for women is ready for all fall occasions

Living in the Midwest most of my life I need a jacket that can be versatile for all types of weather. The Barbour Rainbow International Jacket has fit that need! It packs very easily when I’m traveling. I love the fact that it’s machine washable.

I have had more people stop me and ask me where I purchased my Barbour jacket than you can imagine. Whether I’m in the grocery store, airport, or walking into Orvis to start my day at work people will stop me and ask, “Where did you get that Barbour?”

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Introducing the Helios 2: Feed Your Addiction

Helios 2 (The Second Coming) from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

We’ve been teasing this for a couple weeks now, and here it is: your first look at the new Helios 2 fly rods and what they bring to the table. This great video, shot by Sharptail Media, focuses on the advances that make the H2 a true leap forward from its predecessor. Plus, you’ll see it in action against big tarpon and trout. Here’s what Simon from Sharptail had to say about the experience: . . .

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