The Barbour Rainbow International Jacket: “Versatile for all types of weather!”

Colorful, waterproof, and breathable, this iconic rain coat for women is ready for all fall occasions

Living in the Midwest most of my life I need a jacket that can be versatile for all types of weather. The Barbour Rainbow International Jacket has fit that need! It packs very easily when I’m traveling. I love the fact that it’s machine washable.

I have had more people stop me and ask me where I purchased my Barbour jacket than you can imagine. Whether I’m in the grocery store, airport, or walking into Orvis to start my day at work people will stop me and ask, “Where did you get that Barbour?”

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Introducing the Helios 2: Feed Your Addiction

Helios 2 (The Second Coming) from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

We’ve been teasing this for a couple weeks now, and here it is: your first look at the new Helios 2 fly rods and what they bring to the table. This great video, shot by Sharptail Media, focuses on the advances that make the H2 a true leap forward from its predecessor. Plus, you’ll see it in action against big tarpon and trout. Here’s what Simon from Sharptail had to say about the experience: . . .

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Watch the “Frontline” Episode on Pebble Mine

Watch Alaska Gold on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch PBS’s “Frontline” last night, they’ve put the whole thing online. This is a great exploration of the issues involved, both pro- and anti-mine. But there’s plenty here to scare the crap out of anyone who understands how valuable the Bristol bay ecosystem is for salmon, trout, and ever other species in the region. Take some time tonight or over the next few days to watch this, and if you feel. . .

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The Joys of an Idaho “Business” Meeting

RBMs 2

Bill Reed, Orvis’s Director of Wholesale for Rod & Tackle, with a fine South Fork brown.

photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Last week, the Orvis Regional Business Managers got together to discuss and test some of the current and future Orvis fishing products with some of the best guides anywhere, from WorldCast Anglers of Victor, Idaho.

The new Helios 2 rods performed flawlessly. The RBMs caught fish on three different rivers (South Fork of the Snake, the Teton, and Bitch Creek) on virtually any type of rig you could think of. From big foam drys, to . . .

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Video: How to Tie a Yellow Sally Stimulator

Yellow Sally Stimmie

Editor’s Note: We posted about the history of the Stimulator pattern last August, and it’s interesting enough to repost here:

Most folks think of Randall Kaufmann, famed West Coast angler and shop owner, as the inventor of the Stimulator, but the question seems up for debate. The fly’s true originator may be. . .

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Hero Ex-Military Dog Saves Owner from Dangerous Snake

Darrell Layne plays with his dog, Onex, who saved his life from a copperhead snake.


A 70-year-old Tennessee man found himself face-to-face with a coiled copperhead a last week, but he was saved from a bite by his dog, who bore the brunt of the attack. Darrell Layne says that Onex, his black Labrador who had served in Iraq with the US Army before being adopted last November, got in the snake’s face and growled, diverting the. . .

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Photos of the Day: Olympic Torch Visits Historic London Dog Shelter

World-famous soccer star Michael Owen greets residents of Battersea
Dogs & Cats Home while carrying the Olympic torch.

photo courtesy Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The Olympic torch is making its way around the UK in preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. When he was given the chance to carry the torch, Michael Owen chose to take it to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where he was greeted by an audience of shelter animals. Although his name may not be. . .

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