Millions of Mississippi Mayflies Make Major Mess in Minnesota

A huge mayfly hatch from the Mississippi made for a big cleanup in Hastings, Minnesota. Normally weather patterns will disperse the hatch over a wide geographical area. This year that didn’t happen. Hastings is accustomed to having to clean up after mass mayfly die-offs, but this is one for the books.

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Nearly 200 Chihuahuas Seized from Home and Needing Rescue

A stunning, sad story out of Pennsylvania today where nearly 200 dogs were seized from a single home in an extreme case of animal hoarding.

The state Agriculture Department said late Thursday that dog wardens cooperating with state police executed a search warrant at the home in Benton, in Columbia County, after receiving numerous tips.

They say many of the dogs were sick and numerous dead dogs were found. State police are expected to file animal cruelty charges against the owners.

Many of these dogs will need homes. Perhaps there are readers and Chihuahua lovers with extra love to give.

This little guy will need a home.

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Friday Film Festival 07.20.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. I’m out of the office today, heading to Connecticut to watch my 9-year-old’s All-Star team compete in the Cal Ripken Baseball Regional Championships. Go, Vermont! But, of course, I’ve left a Friday Film Festival for y’all. This week’s collection is pretty trout heavy, but there are lots of different locations and species. Salty anglers will enjoy some action, as well. In an FFF first, . . .

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Take the Phil Monahan Trivia Challenge for a Chance to Win the Orvis App!

Phil Trivia

Tom’s working hard on building the Orvis Fly-Fishing Learning Center and getting all the new-product stuff ready for the International Fly-Tackle Dealer show coming up next month, so you’re stuck with another fly-fishing quiz from me. Like the last one this quiz has no theme, just 10 questions of random knowledge, covering such topics as famous fly tiers, fishing locations, trout biology, and. . .

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River Report: The Big Hole Bounces Back

Big Hole Fish 1

The author shows off a fine Big Hole brown that fell for a dry fly.

photo by David Thompson

The Big Hole has been fishing really well on dry flies, and recent rains have totally rejuvenated the river. Things are looking good for August!

Last week, temperatures in the 90s sucked the river down to a skinny 600 cfs in Melrose and a frightening 380 cfs in Wise River. Southwestern Montana does not typically get much rain in the summertime, though brief afternoon showers are common this time of year. But this year has been. . .

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Special Report on the Potential Dangers of Chinese-Made Dog Treats

We’ve posted several times about the ongoing issues with Chinese-made dog treats (see here and here), yet, as this report from WFTX-TV in Fort Myers, Florida, makes clear, no products have been taken off the shelves. That turned out to be disastrous for Robert Sigman and his Goldendoodle, Sami. The dog was recently. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Saltwater Popper, Part II

In last week’s video, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions demonstrated how to build the foam body of a saltwater popper. Now it’s time to finish the popper by attaching eyes, coloring the body, and adding a tail. The techniques Tim uses here will allow you to create an array of poppers in different color combinations to mimic the local baitfish or create different kinds of. . .

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Podcast: An Interview with Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA

Tom Rosenbauer uses a tenkara rod on a Vermont native-brookie stream.

photo courtesy Tenkara USA

This week we’re publishing an interview I did with Daniel Galhardo, founder and CEO of Tenkara USA, on guess what? Daniel was here to sample some of our Vermont small stream fishing, which he loved, and we had a ball fishing together. He explains Tenkara, whether he considers it fly fishing, and the basics of how to use a Tenkara outfit. In the fly box, we talk about dealing with fishing gear in hot weather, dries vs. emergers, and setting the hook on downstream fish.

Check out our most recent story on Orvis Tenkara gear here.

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If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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Foster Mom Has a Powerful Experience with an Abused Dog

The bond between Adelle and her foster mom grew strong very quickly.

photo courtesy

Rebecca Larsen was supposed to foster an abused dog named Adelle for a few days, but instead the pair ended up having a profound bonding experience. Adelle had been trapped by a landowner, and she was in poor shape: . . .

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