Video: Huge Rainbows on the East Carson

Dunno how I missed this one when putting together the FFF last month, but a hat tip to Moldy Chum for unearthing it. Pro snowboarder Mikey Wier and his buddies float California’s East Carson River, and they find both big rainbows and good times. Dudes need to carry bigger nets, though. I’ve never fished the eastern Sierra, but it looks fantastic.

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Baltimore Cop Shows Correct Way to Respond to a “Vicious Dog” Call

Officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a call about a “vicious dog” with an open mind,
rather than a predisposition to treat the dog harshly. As you can see, he was right.

photo courtesy

Here is a truly wonderful story about a police officer—who also happens to be a dog lover—showing the proper way to respond to reports of a “vicious dog.” Officer Dan Waskiewicz was on duty and received a call that a vicious dog was chasing some children. This is a serious situation, of course, especially when children are involved. But Officer Waskiewicz was not so quick to. . .

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Video: Alfie Goes Home!

After the disturbing news of our last post, here’s an uplifting story of love and perseverance. Alfie came to the Best Friends Animal Society in rough shape, suffering from parvovirus and distemper. His illnesses left him unable to walk well, which would make him difficult to re-home. But a couple from Montana fell in love with Alfie, saw past his. . .

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Picture of the Day: Take That, Al Lindner!

Colin's Walleye

Host Colin Mckeown is all smiles as he hoists his trophy 12-pound walleye,
a species that few fly fishers ever target.

photo courtesy Hawk Lake Lodge

Ted Putnam of Hawk Lake Lodge in Ontario sent in this unusual fly-fishing photo and the story behind it:

Colin Mckeown was here at Hawk Lake Lodge for a week taping a new episode of his fly-fishing show “The New Fly Fisher.” During his trip he has concentrated on smallmouth bass and northern pike. However he also spent some time going after. . .

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