Other Voices on Post-Irene Stream Damage


Excavators work in the Walloomsac River months after Tropical Storm Irene.

photo by Scott McEnaney

After my post yesterday about the damage done to one of my favorite streams by excavation of the streambed in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, a few commenters suggested that my view might be skewed for one reason or another. So I thought I’d share some other voices and information about the subject. First up is a letter sent by one of my colleagues, Scott McEnaney. A native Vermonter and passionate outdoorsman, Scott was horrified enough by what he saw in Bennington, that he sent. . .

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“Show Your Soft Side” Campaign Seeks to Show that Animal Abuse Isn’t a Sign of Toughness

Above is a new public service announcement from the Mayor of Baltimore’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission “Show Your Soft Side” campaign, which was launched in 2009 after some teenagers doused a dog with gas and lit it on fire:

Many horrific cases of animal cruelty like this have been committed by young people, which is why the commission began searching for ways to change their mindset. Research shows that some teenagers think that torturing or killing an animal is a demonstration of their toughness, but “Show Me Your Soft Side” seeks to prove that real men don’t. . .

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Pastor’s Dog Found Alive Three Days After Church Destroyed by Fire

The Rev. David Reasby, an Iowa pastor, was so convinced that his 10-year-old Chuhuahua, Lil Bit, had perished in a fire that destroyed the Lighthouse Full Gospel Baptist Church that he kept trying to get to store to purchase a cross and flowers to commemorate the dog. But, for various reasons, Reasby kept getting interrupted by other jobs. Good thing, too, because Lil Bit wasn’t. . .

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Friday Film Festival 08.31.12

Welcome to another edition of the OrvisNews.com Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection is heavy on the trout, as we find great action across Europe and North America. There are two great selections for tarpon lovers, including one in which Conway Bowman hooks a true monster. With fall approaching, I can’t wait for the influx of steelhead and salmon films, as well as those. . .

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Phil Monahan’s Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 08.30.12

Phil Trivia

Quiz Time!

Hey folks, a mini family emergency kept me from making a new quiz today, so I’m reprising one from late 2010, when I assume many of you weren’t around these parts of the Internet. I promise to have a new 10-question quiz next week.

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Photo Essay: One Year After Irene, How Did Trout Survive the Ravages of Nature. . .and of Man?

For a dozen years, the author enjoyed solitude and great fishing for wild, native brook trout on a local mountain stream until the onslaught of Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011.

photo by Zach Matthews

One of my favorite brook-trout streams runs right through the middle of Bennington, Vermont. Until now, I’ve never spoken publicly about the Roaring Branch of the Walloomsac because it was my personal playground. From 1998 to 2011, I fished this mountain stream regularly from April through September, and I ran into other anglers on the water (aside from those I’d invited with me) exactly. . .

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An Important Medical Breakthrough in the Treatment of Canine Bone Cancer

Mouse over the video and hit the play button

Biomedical engineers at the University of California-Davis recently announced a breakthrough in the treatment of canine cancer. Currently, when a dog suffers from oral cancer, part of the jawbone is removed. This saves the dog’s life but causes problems with chewing and grasping. Anyone who owns a dog knows that chewing and grasping things in the mouth are. . .

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Hero Dog Saves Owner from Cougar Attack

Angie Prime and her 11-year-old border collie, Vicious, who leaped into action to
drive off a cougar that was attacking Prime in her home.

photo via ifpress.com

On Saturday evening, Angie Prime was just sitting on her couch in her home in Trail, British Columbia, when she noticed something move out of the corner of her eye. In a flash, she realized it was an adult cougar, which pounced on Prime before she could do anything but raise her arms and legs as a defense. Luckily for her, . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Forget-Me-Knot Midge

Unlike many trout-food insects, which are available to trout only during very specific times of year, midges hatch year-round on most waters. You know those times when you can see fish rising but you can’t find anything on the water? It’s probably midges or midge pupae that are on the menu. That means it’s time to tie on the 7X and a minuscule fly that you can barely see. There are lots of great midge patterns out. . .

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