REPOST: Fishing a Mountain Pool in 15 Casts

Mountain Brook Trout

The key to catching lots of brookies from a mountain stream is to move fast and hit all the right spots.

photo by Sandy Hays

The keys to catching good numbers of trout on steep mountain streams are stealth and speed. Wild brook trout are wary, fast, and can hide in tiny spaces. There are lots of predators that eat these fish, so they’ve evolved heightened senses and evasive maneuvers. You need to learn how to move and fish upstream without spooking the fish in front of you, and you want to cover as much water as possible to get your fly in front of more fish. Think stealth and speed

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UPDATE III: The Maryland Pit-Bull Saga Continues

Find the Pit

Can you find the Pit Bull in this group of photos? (See link below.)

photo courtesy

A couple weeks ago, we posted about how the Maryland legislature, unable to come up with a compromise bill that would please both houses, failed to act on anti-breed-specific legislation that both sides actually agreed on in principle. Now, the Maryland Court of Appeals has muddied the waters further by partially reversing a ruling it made declaring pit bulls “inherently dangerous.” In the original ruling the Court had applied the “inherently dangerous” tag to. . .

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8 Safety Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

Murph looking for leadership

There are a lot of things around your house that could injure your dog, if you’re not careful.

photo by Paul Fersen

Here’s a great list of dog-safety tips from the MetroWest Daily News, in which author Allen Jung touches on a few things many dog owners may not have thought of. For instance, did you know that you shouldn’t fill your dog’s water dish out of a. . .

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Pictures of the Day: Seeking a Cure in Wydaho

Wydaho Trout

The author seems pleased with this gorgeous cutthroat.

photo courtesy Jim Lampros

[Editor’s note: I received these great photos, along with a somewhat feverish tale, from Jim Lampros last week. The writing here makes me question whether his symptoms have been alleviated or if he has only become sicker.]

I’ve been told it’s a disease for which there is no cure. It presents in the form of a visibly flushed face, bronzish gold skin, and legions of black spots becoming more pronounced towards the hind end. Hallucinations day and night, visions of snake-infested canyons, scorching heat, raging death-water. Recurring nightmares in which I’m forced to stare relentlessly at a. . .

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Picture of the Day: More Virginia Musky

Mark's Muskie

Jimmy Cheers, who works at the Orvis shipping facility in Roanoke, and his buddy, Mark (shown here), continue to find great fly fishing for muskies in Virginia.

photo courtesy Jimmy Cheers

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Friday Film Festival 08.24.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. I must say, I kind of went a little nutty this week, choosing eighteen (18!) videos for you to enjoy. What’s cool is that there is so much variety, and not just in locations and species. There are many different styles of. . .

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Big Dogs Seized from North Carolina Breeders

Alas, these cases seem to be all too frequent recently, but this one has a twist. The owners of a North Carolina breeding operation were charged yesterday with animal cruelty after a raid seized 28 dogs, big dogs, from their home. The couple bred Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Doberman Pinschers in kennels behind their mobile home, and neighbors had claimed for years that there were problems. But their complaints had not been. . .

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