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Slideshow: Late-Season Lunchtime Grouse Hunt in Vermont

Written by: Phil Monahan

Grouse Huntin in Vermont

The grouse on the side of my Orvis Uplander were the only ones that didn’t fly away that day.

photo by Tim Bronson/468 Photography

As my last post made clear, I’m ready for summer to be over, because fall in Vermont is my favorite season. Today I ran across a bunch of photos by my friend Tim Bronson from last December.

I was heading out on a lunchtime grouse hunt, and he offered to come along and shoot some photos. I happen to have borrowed an Orvis Uplander over/under from Gun Room Manager John Rano and had a new. . .


Video: Ducks, Dogs, and Snow

Written by: Phil Monahan

DUCK HUNT from Ioda Media on Vimeo.

After spending a half hour outside under the the blazing August sun, I thought about how I can’t wait until fall. That made me think of hunting season, of course, and my desire to do more duck hunting. When I got back to my desk, I found this great video, which captures the glory of a frigid morning spent crouched among the reeds, waiting for flights with the dog at your side. Only a few months now. . .