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UPDATE III: Judge Rules Against Fly Fisherman in Virginia River-Access Case

Written by: Phil Monahan

Private Sign on the Jackson

The case hinged on whether or not landowners who have a crown grant own the river.

photo by Beau Beasley

Editor’s Note: Author and conservation writer Beau Beasley first broke the story of a fly angler in Virginia being sued for fishing on what the state claims is public property, and we have posted about it three times (here, here, and here). This update comes via

With the exception of his two attorneys, Dargan Coggeshall stood in the courtroom completely alone as the decision in North/South Development v Crawford was handed down. The avid Virginia fly angler has been embroiled in a lawsuit for the past two years over the use of the Jackson River, and in particular his ability (and that of the public) to wade in a certain section of the Jackson River. Considered one of the best wild trout fisheries in the east, and the only trout stream in the Old Dominion large enough to


Drift-Boat Auction to Benefit Skagit River Wild Steelhead

Written by: Kathleen Moore

Master craftsman Ross Duncan built this one-of-a-kind drift boat specifically for this auction.

photo courtesy Ross Duncan

Orvis has teamed with the Wild Steelhead Coalition to auction off a one-of-a-kind, McKenzie-style driftboat, hand-built by master craftsman Ross Duncan. The 17-foot boat is constructed with BS1088 marine plywood and white oak, and it is full of great features. This is simply a gorgeous watercraft that rows, holds, and maneuvers beautifully. It is a brilliant fishing machine.

Here’s the best part: all proceeds will go toward WSC habitat restoration and steelhead research projects on the Skagit River. The retail value of a boat of this quality would be well over $12,000, and bidding will start at $5,000. The auction will run until October 30. This is a unique chance to get an incredible boat and to help preserve wild steelhead.

Click here to read about all the boat’s features or to place a bid.