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Video: Low Country Fly-Cast and Blast

Written by: Phil Monahan

Fly Cast and Blast from Bay Street on Vimeo.

Capt. Tuck Scott—of Bay Street Outfitters in Beaufort, South Carolina—sent us this great video of a fall cast-and-blast on the marsh. They start things off with fine redfishing and then put down the rods and pick up the shotguns to chase marsh hens. Macon gets quite a workout retrieving the downed birds. This looks like a fantastic way to spend some a late-season warm day.


Great Deal: Shooting Instruction at Orvis Sandanona

Written by: Kathleen Moore

Sandanona on Gilt City

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Gilt City is offering a great deal for Shooting Instruction at Orvis Sandanona, located in Millbrook, NY. You can choose between two people ($199) and four people ($299). If you’re new to Gilt sales, all you have to do is click here and then click “Become a Member” (it’s free). Then click “Buy,” and you’re on your way!

This is the kind of sale I can really get behind. Having spent two days at Sandanona Shooting grounds recently, I can tell you with authority you WILL have fun here. Whether you’re a complete novice (me), or an expert, the staff here will get you out there having a blast, and improving your shooting in no time.


Photo Essay: Upland Hunting East of Great Falls

Written by: Simon Perkins

Simon MT 6

Els and Chad plan their approach to a wide-open stretch of grass.

All photos by Simon Perkins

My office today looks a lot different than my “office” last October. That’s because this fall I am saddled up to a desk next to Mr. Phil Monahan (notorious editor of, whereas last year I was walking the rolling hills of central Montana every day with my bird dogs, as we guided hunters for sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge, and pheasants. Although I love my new job (and my new office neighbor), I missed Montana and had to. . .


Video: Grouse and Woodcock in Northern New Hampshire

Written by: Phil Monahan

If you’ve never pushed through thick brush chasing grouse and woodcock, this video really captures the experience. My friend Lisa Savard (with whom I went to middle school back in the day) guides a hunter, following her Brittanys, Dee, Jack, and Puyear. The woods near Pittsburg, New Hampshire—where Lisa’s Lopstick Lodge is located—are unforgiving, as you’ll see. From thick brush to water hazards to. . .


Slideshow: Orvis “Business Meeting” in the Maine Grouse Woods

Written by: Phil Monahan

Orvis Maine Hunt 2012

Cayenne, Ghillie, and Diesel proudly display the fruits of their day’s work.

photo by Scott McEnaney

When you are in the business of making and selling fine wingshooting gear, where do you hold your planning meetings? In the Maine woods during October, of course. Members of the Orvis Hunting department headed up to Jim Lepage’s rustic camp and spent a few days chasing grouse and woodcock in some thick cover. Everyone got a serious workout, marching over rough terrain and keeping up with the dogs. But there were birds, and some fine shots were made, I’m told.

Click “Read More” to see the slideshow.


Slideshow: 2012 Orvis Game Fair at Sandanona Shooting Grounds

Written by: Phil Monahan

2012 Orvis Game fair

Attendees had the opportunity to see shotguns from some of the world’s finest makers.

All photos by Kevin Lowes

On September 15th and 16th, the Sandanona Shooting Grounds were host to the Orvis Game Fair and Country Sporting Weekend, as well as the 6th Annual Orvis Cup clays competition. Almost 3,000 people perused the wares of upscale vendors, studied artists and craftsmen at work, watched demonstrations of working dogs and birds of prey, and took advantage of. . .