Bonus Video: Flatland Fly Fisherman

Back in August, we posted a story and some photos by Mike Mazzoni, who was a summer intern at Falcon’s Ledge in Utah. The photos showed Mike holding a couple of gorgeous dry-fly-caught brown trout. He’s back in school in Kansas now, however, trying to adjust to life away from those high mountains and stunning trout. He made this video to show how he’s doing. For someone pretty new to the genre, Mike shows. . .

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Video: California Firefighters Rescue Dog from Burning Barn

When Tim Chandler was alerted by a passerby that his barn was on fire, all he could think about was his dog, Moe, tied up on a run inside the burning building. Chandler attempted to save his friend, but the heat was just too intense. When the Modesto, California, fire department arrived, however, . . .

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Podcast Interview: State of the Union – Waterfowl Edition with Ducks Unlimited

Brett Ference interviews Ducks Unlimited‘s Senior Communications Specialist and Producer of DU TV Mike Checkett about the status of the northern prairie region, breeding and population for 2012, effects of the drought and super storms on waterfowl habitat, predictions for the 2012 and 2013 waterfowl season and how you can get involved helping waterfowl and why it is important to everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 11.30.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection probably features more minutes of video than any of our previous attempts. The last two videos alone take almost two hours to watch, so you’ll probably want to save them for the weekend. But there’s plenty for your lunchtime. . .

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Photos of the Day: The Return of the Natives

VT Brookies Return

Evidence that the native brook trout are returning to streams devastated by 500-year flooding.

photo by Tim Barry

Prior to Sandy arriving in New England for what now seems like an annual festival of dramatic weather, I headed up to the Green Mountain National Forest for an overnight with my dog, Summit. I hit a favorite spot that features tumbling waters that are now so very affected by 2011’s Tropical Storm Irene and the wash-out that she brought. Last June, I had stopped by Orvis to get some advice on what I could expect. I was told that anything that flowed west of the mountain was. . .

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Hero Dog Protects Missing Two-Year-Old Boy Lost on a Frigid Night, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

Dogs have an amazing ability to detect when children are in trouble. Earlier this month, a dog in Australia was credited with protecting a toddler lost in the bush, and on Tuesday night, an Australian shepherd in South Carolina did the same for two-year-old Peyton Myrick. Although the boy’s parents were terrified when he could not be found, Rich Myrick was heartened by the knowledge that. . .

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Video of the Day: Paige the Renaissance Dog

Paige is a beautiful border collie who is quite the Renaissance dog. Not only is she an accomplished artist and actress, but she’s also helpful around the house—doing the laundry, picking up the living room, and even putting away the groceries.

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New Ways to Care for Older Dogs

Dempsey, a 14-year-old blonde Labrador retriever, rests on his special bed.

photo via

We posted a story recently about musician Fiona Apple’s decision to cancel her tour so that she could stay home with her beloved elderly pit bull. Now an article in the Boston Globe points out that many of us can relate as owners of aging doggies. When we take pups in for the first time, even if they’re not puppies, they are at their most vulnerable. There’s nothing like the experience of raising these “furry children,” but when they start to slow down, it can be an emotional experience.

“It’s so hard to live with an elderly dog because it’s like a roller coaster, up and down all the time,” says Dr. Lisa Moses, chief of the Pain Medicine Service at Angell Animal Medical Center. The subject is personal for Moses. She has a 16-year-old pit bull, Dora. “What they used to be able to do, what their life used to be like, it’s really hard to set that aside.”

Indeed, as dogs’ lifespans increase as a result of advances in veterinary care, better food, and heightened owner awareness, the market for products catering to senior canines is burgeoning. Orvis’ Jon Comeau, Product Development Specialist for Pets, explains:

“We see it in the sales figures that come through” … “Ten years ago, we were selling products to keep dogs off the couch. Now we’re selling products to keep them on the couch.”
Beds are big sellers for elderly dogs with creaky joints. “We have several versions of Tempur-Pedic and regular memory-foam beds,” says Comeau, who touts the advantages of rectangular beds for stiff dogs who won’t curl up because of the pain

However you comfort your aging friend, the sad truth is “no product will make an old dog live forever.” Even after they leave us though, I doubt any of us would trade the years of companionship, fun, and laughter for anything. Read the full story here the Do you have advice for those caring for older dogs? Let us know in the comments.

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Ohio Tries Again to Regulate Dog Breeders

Commercial dog breeders in Ohio will be subject to standards of care and other
regulations for the first time. But dog lovers will continue to fight for more action.

photo via

Throughout last spring and summer, we posted about attempts by lawmakers to ban dog auctions in Ohio. Things looked good for awhile, but then the bill died in June. It seemed as if Ohio might never drum up the political will for reform.

However, there is new hope: On Tuesday, the state House and Senate agreed on a final version of a bill that willsubject Ohio dog breeders to. . .

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