This blog features Orvis products that our associates or our customers particularly enjoy or appreciate for their quality, utility, and comfort.

“The perfect travel companion!” Orvis Scrunch Cloth Shirt Jacket and Capri Pants

Our innovative, subtly puckered Scrunch Cloth, has become
our customers’ favorite travel fabric.

I love the Scrunch Cloth Shirt Jacket and Scrunch Cloth Capri Pants —or anything Scrunch Cloth for that matter—for travel. They hang in my closet ready to go at a moment’s notice. They fold easily, take up barely any space, and come out of my suitcase ready to wear. Very easy to wear and polished looking for a full day at a meeting or trade show, then dressed up with jewelry or a fun scarf for an evening out.

The seersucker texture means they stay very cool and comfortable (even in Atlanta in July). They are easy to wash out in a hotel sink, and they dry in a flash. I own many different pieces. The perfect travel companion!

The Capri Pants feature wide legs accented
with a cute button detail at the hem.


Orvis Bullhide Briefcase: “My elegant bullhide is with me wherever I go.”

I was excited to order the Bullhide Leather Extra-Capacity Briefcase after fell in love with it after seeing it in person at the Orvis store in Manchester, Vermont. Sure it’s a nice bag, and sure it’s a nice laptop tote, but to me it’s more. . .a prized symbol of my adulthood. Let me explain:

Growing up, my family would travel all over, and in the airports and in transit I’d see these grown people moving around with their important documents and their computers. The grandeur of their purpose in their line of work was highlighted by their attire, but more so by their briefcases. Now, on the road quite a bit for my own business in the wedding circuit, my elegant bullhide is with me wherever I go. Not only does it protect my laptop, its components and my paperwork, but the embossed tag with my name on it has made it more than just an accessory to me. It’s a milestone mark, staking claim to my adulthood. As I continue to be on the road quite a bit, the child inside rides with me with the soft-spoken words “We did it.” I love my Orvis Bullhide Briefcase.


Ultimate Upland Chaps: “Our wingshooting guides wear them in the field daily.”

Highland Hills

The crew at highland Hills Ranch, in Condon, Oregon, hunts long and hard
during the season, and they love the Ultimate Upland Chaps.

photo courtesy Highland Hills Ranch

Here at Highland Hills Ranch, we are constantly recommending the Orvis Ultimate Upland Chaps to our guests. Our wingshooting guides can be found wearing them in the field daily. The waterproof feature makes them great when walking through the early morning dew and prevents wet pant legs for the rest of the day. Our guides appreciate the lightweight yet durable construction that makes these chaps a “go to” item for them. Another feature that we love is they are breathable yet waterproof, unlike so many others. The wash-and-wear factor makes them easy to clean and maintain. This year, a couple of the guides finally “retired” theirs after 3 years of very heavy use! It is common for us to re-stock our pro shop several times each season with these chaps, due to their popularity.

Click here to learn more and see a video about the Ultimate Upland Chaps.


Orvis Wrinkle Free Shirts: “Yank it out of the dryer and throw it on!”

Written by: Phil Monahan

I was a bachelor until well into my 30s, and I developed a whole bunch of rules about the the kinds of clothes I would purchase, based almost solely on convenience. Some of these rules were even accompanied by witty sayings, such as, “If you can’t dry, don’t buy.” Although I’m now much more fashion-conscious–and I have a wife who ensures I go out of the house looking my best–I still love the Orvis Wrinkle Free shirt. I just love the fact that you can yank it out of the dryer, throw it on, and it looks like it just came from the cleaners. It’s also very comfortable and comes in many different colors and patterns. I don’t see any need to look elsewhere for dress shirts.

Read more and purchase Phil’s favorite, the Orvis Wrinkle free shirt, here.