This blog highlights conservation issues we feel are important to fly fishers and others who love outdoor sports, and we cover the latest and most pressing environmental issues affecting wildlife habitat and resource conservation. Orvis believes that, if we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources and environment, we must be willing to act to preserve them. Therefore, the company commits 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting nature.

Update on the Orvis-TU “1,000 Miles” Program

Written by: Phil Monahan

Orvis-TU 1000 Miles Campaign

The North Fork of the Crooked River is a beautiful high-elevation stream
that will benefit from reconnection of trout habitat.

photo courtesy of Trout Unlimited

Up high in the Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon are the headwaters of the Crooked River, the desert streams of Deep Creek and Crazy Creek, and a feisty and beautiful population of Columbia Basin redband trout. With a name like Crazy Creek, you might wonder why Orvis and Trout Unlimited (TU) are working to restore a small desert stream. Historically, the Deep Creek drainage was full of old-growth forests, lush meadows, and spring-fed streams full of trout. Unfortunately, after more than 100 years of grazing, logging, and road building, Deep Creek and the upper Crooked River have been used and abused, and the trout are left struggling to survive. TU has partnered with Ochoco National Forest to help restore priority reaches within Deep Creek and build awareness of the importance of. . .