This blog features Orvis products that our associates or our customers particularly enjoy or appreciate for their quality, utility, and comfort.

The Orvis Kitty Bed: “A Cat Magnet”

Written by: Phil Monahan

Sherman in Bed

Sherman lounges in his own Orvis Kitty bed.

photo by Kathleen Moore

I must admit that, before I started working at Orvis, I was unaware this product existed. I was certainly familiar with the wonderful dog beds Orvis has made for years, but the Kitty Bed was news to me. This thing can best be described as a “cat magnet.” Indeed, after one too many scuffles between my two cats over access to the cozy spot, I was compelled to purchase a second Kitty Bed. The house is once again a. . .


UGG Ashdale Duck Shoe: “Just the Best!”

The UGG Ashdale Duck Shoe.

photo via Orvis.Com

These waterproof UGG® shoes are just the BEST! Not only are they easy to slip on and off, but they are super warm and keep my feet dry and toasty, too. Plus, they’re cute, and the blue is really pretty! I liked them so much, I bought a second pair for my step-daughter and she gave them the “Teen Stamp of Approval”!


Trout Polyleaders: Dredging to Dry in Seconds Flat

Written by: Phil Monahan


I love to fish streamers, and on the Battenkill—where the number of trout per mile is relatively low—it’s the best way to cover a lot of water quickly. However, there are times during the year when hatching insects bring even large brown trout to the surface. So it’s vital that I can switch quickly from dredging with a Hawkins Triple Double to casting a Hendrickson dry fly.

That’s why I love these 7-foot Polyleaders. A loop-to-loop connection turns my floating fly line into a sinking-tip version that helps me turn over big flies and get the streamer to the bottom fast. Although I usually. . .


“My wife told me to buy every color” – The Trout Bum Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Written by: Phil Monahan

Visually appealing and highly functional. That is my motto when it is comes to my wardrobe, whether it is a work shirt or a fishing jacket. And it is a real advantage to me to have an article of clothing that you can wear in the office and on the river. The Trout Bum Quarter-Zip fills both these requirements, which make it a real winner. The wool/polyester Polartec Power Dry fabric provides great breathability and light insulation making it an ideal piece under a wading jacket on cool days. The attractive styling and colors are ideal over a dress shirt or when the air conditioning is cranked up in the office. As added bonus, this is the only article of clothing that I own that my wife told me to buy every color offered. How often does that happen?

Read more and purchase the Orvis Trout Bum Quarter Zip, here.


“Like a tropical Beach Vacation for her feet”: ThermaCELL Remote-Controlled Heated Insoles

These insoles can change the way you feel about outdoor activities in winter.

photo courtesy

My wife is always up for any winter adventure, but like most of us, she hates when her feet get cold. The ThermaCELL Remote-Controlled Heated Insoles are like a tropical beach vacation for her feet and work great for any type of activity, active or not. Winter days will never be ruined again by nagging, cold toes (and no more time spent violently shaking lousy heat packs!).

With ThermaCELL remote-controlled heated insoles, prolong your cold-weather activities while heating your frozen boots or shoes. Keeping your feet warm and toasty has never been this convenient. Water resistant and customizable to most foot sizes, adjust the temperature of your feet with the simple click of a button. With embedded and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, each charge lasts 5 hours, and the batteries will withstand 500 recharges. Insoles heat just like a home thermostat, turning on to maintain a temperature. With two settings. Medium: 100°F. High: 110°F.

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