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Video: A Wonderful Dog’s-Eye View of a Pheasant Hunt

Written by: Phil Monahan

I look at a lot of videos for these blogs, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of attempts at shooting with a dog-mounted camera, but none of the resulting videos lived up to the promise. Until now. This is a gorgeous look at the whole pheasant-hunting experience from the. . .


Sporting Dog Training the Wildrose Way, Part IV: Denials, Delays, and Diversions

Written by: Paul Fersen

You, not the dog, should be in control of when he retrieves.
Photo by Tim Bronson

Illustrations by James Daley

This week, I want to talk about achieving steadiness. I’ve already talked about this a lot, but that’s because it’s the foundation of a well-trained dog. A dog that does what it wants on its own is not going to be a satisfying hunting companion. It may do the right thing by instinct, but if it does the right thing at the wrong time, that’s not going to work out too well in the field, particularly if you happen to be. . .