A Chance to Win a Vintage Fishing Trailer and Support Casting for Recovery

Sweet Charity would look great parked on the banks of your favorite stream. Photo via Sisters on the Fly
We have posted before about the organization Sisters on the Fly, an adventure club for women who travel by towing vintage trailers and enjoying all that the outdoors have to offer, including fly fishing. As their website attests: "It is all about the participating in outdoor adventures with. . .
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Video: A Dog Expert’s View of Dog Park Behavior

Here's an interesting report from WGNTV in Chicago about how dogs behave in off-leash dog parks. For many people, time at the special park allows "dogs to be dogs," and owners don't need to get too involved. But dog behavior expert Sue Sternberg argues that such an. . .
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Video: How to Tie the Beadhead Psycho Prince Nymph

The Psycho Prince can be tied in a variety of color combinations.
Since the brown trout we featured earlier today was taken on a Psycho Prince Nymph, I figured we oughta check the pattern out. Californian Mike Mercer is one of the more prolific fly tiers in the country, and he has an astounding 42 patterns listed with. . .
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Video: Shooting at the Orvis Manchester School

[youtube _El5GnpNXJY 600 338]
Here's a great episode of "Outdoor Journal," produced by Vermont Public Television, focused on the Orvis Wingshooting School. Here's the description: . . .
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Photos: Big California Brown Trout from “Location X”

Written by: Mark Schaller, Orvis San Jose
It's always gratifying when a difficult-to-access piece of water offers a big return on your investment. Photo by Jack Golan
Fellow Orvis sales associate Jack Golan and I ventured out of the shop last week to scout a new section of water, which we suspected, might hold some big trout. We had picked up some nice fish on a smaller, more easily accessed part of this river earlier in the year and hoped the more. . .
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Video: The Amazing Comeback of Mick, the Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk

[youtube G-KYUAHTwTo 600 338]
Wow. This is simply an amazing story of how a disabled dog, who would surely be euthanized in the vast majority of cases, is instead given intensive therapy that changes everything. Mick, a sweet little Boston terrier, was born with swimmer puppy disease, in which all. . .
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Essay: What Makes Dogs Different

Written by: Jenna Woginrich

Photo by Tim Bronson
[Editor's note: Jenna Woginrich, one of our former colleagues, is now a homesteader and an author. She shares her life with Siberian huskies Jazz and Annie, as well as Gibson, a border collie. Here's a wonderful essay Jenna published on her blog, Cold Antler Farm.

No animal even remotely compares in import to the dog here at Cold Antler Farm. Dogs get the lion's share of attention, love, and care. They live in the house with me. They share my. . .
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Video: The Way It Began

[vimeo 66124898 600 338]
Here's a beautiful video of Kami Swingle dry-fly fishing in Shenandoah National Park for wild brook trout and talking about her love of the sport. Along with her husband, Nick, Kami is TwoFisted Heart Productions, which produced the great Urban Lines earlier this year.
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