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Video: Flyfishing Northern Europe Teaser

Written by: Phil Monahan

Every week, we explore what’s new in fly-fishing video in the F5, but I also like to poke around on Youtube and Vimeo to look for gems created before this blog ever got off the ground. Here’s some amazing footage from across northern Europe from Danica Films, and uploaded in 2008 (a.k.a. “Back in the Day”).


Photos of the Day: Chasing Arctic Grayling and Native Cutthroats in the Utah High Country

Written by: Mike Mazzoni

Mike Mazzoni shows off the spectacular dorsal fin of a Utah grayling.
All photos by Mike Mazzoni

Once again, I find myself enjoying a sort of fly-fishing novelty: targeting arctic grayling, like chasing carp, is often overshadowed by eastern Utah’s superb trout fisheries. Grayling have a special place in my fly fishing memories; while working in Colorado four years ago, I landed an arctic grayling, a rare catch in a fishery known mostly for its. . .


Photo Essay: Catching the West Coast Hex Hatch

Written by: Tom Evenson, Western ELOG Program Director

Guide Chris Renzullo hoists a fat trophy rainbow that fell for a Hex imitation just before dark.
Photo by Doug Best

The Hex hatch was going off on the Williamson River when my colleague Doug Best and I were traveling through Oregon. The guys from Tailwater Fisheries called and said, “You have to check this out!” We also fished the nearby. . .


Video: “No Regrets,” A Film About Casting for Recovery

Written by: Phil Monahan

Here’s a wonderful video about a Casting for Recovery alumni retreat in the Rangeley Region of Maine. It really does a great job of showing the impact that these events have on both the women (breast cancer survivors and patients) and those who guide them on the water. The event was hosted by . . .


An Upstream Journey, Dispatch #7: Defending the Colorado River

Written by: Paul Moinester

Moose shows off the gorgeous colors of a Colorado brown trout on the Taylor River.
Photo by Paul Moinester

[Editor’s Note: Paul Moinester has embarked on a six-month, 20,000-mile adventure to exploring the upstream battle to protect wild fish and their habitat. (Check out his introductory post here.) He will be posting dispatches on the Fly Fishing blog throughout his journey.]

Runoff was in full force in Colorado. Everything was running high, fast, dirty, or just totally blown out. I was in Grand Lake visiting my buddy C, a former colleague from my DC days, and exploring the headwaters of the. . .


Video: Fly Fishing Among the Brown Bears at Brooks Camp, Alaska

Written by: Phil Monahan

When I guided fly fishers in Alaska in the mid 1990s, one of my favorite things was fishing near brown bears, some of Nature’s most beautiful creatures. Because there is so much food available, the bears are for the most part completely uninterested in humans, and although I always carried a shotgun in bear country, it was more for the. . .


Photo of the Day II: Now THAT’s A Mouthful!

Written by: Ryan Newman

Apparently, this brown trout was still hungry after gorging on a baitfish about 1/3 the trout’s length..
Photo by Ryan Newman/Rocky Mountain Outfitters

While fishing the Provo River, guide Greg Randall landed this 16-inch brown trout. When he reached down to unhook it, the fish yacked up this little guy! Even with this monstrosity in his mouth, he was still. . .


Podcast: Ten or More Tips on Fishing Pressured Trout, and Tom Asks for Your Help

Written by: Phil Monahan

This week I offer 10 (actually 12 because I thought of a couple more as I was talking) tips on fishing pressured waters—those where trout get pestered all day long with different fly patterns. The logical course of action would to avoid those places, but the problem is that these waters are typically full of. . .


Photos of the Day: Trout Love to Slay Dragons in Patagonia

Written by John Bleh

Even big trout will throw themselves into the air to catch a meaty dragonfly.
Photo courtesy Rio Manso Lodge

South America has long been famous for its great fishing. Anglers from around the world journey here to catch brown, rainbow, and brook trout, and even landlocked salmon—all introduced at the beginning of the last century. Although there’s plenty of good dry-fly fishing to be found throughout the rivers and lakes of. . .


Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 07.19.13

Written by: Grant White

Welcome to a new edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. I’m filling in for Phil again, who’s in Montana for the week. We’ve got another killer line up in store, with seventeen more videos that will take you around the world…