Video—Sami + Chloe: Better with Pets

[vimeo 75774707 640 361]
When Sami Stoner discovered running back in 2008, she had no idea she was going to become legally blind before entering high school. She also had no idea that she was about to gain a new best friend, rally a community, and rewrite the. . .
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Photo Essay: Shooting “Tributaries” in Iceland

Written by RC Cone

The Icelandic weather and wind can be harsh, but the rewards are worth it.
All photos by RC Cone
[Editor's note: Back in July, we introduced you to a cool new fly-fishing film, Tributaries, from RC Cone, which is in production now. (Check out that post here.) Recently, we got RC's latest update and a bunch of gorgeous photos from his ongoing adventure. I can't wait to see the finished film.] Bahamas to Iceland. I was looking for contrasts and I found 'em. On some of the nastier days, I wore every single piece of clothing I had under my waders and jacket. My flip-flops were about as useful as a bikini in. . .
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Ruby, Once Abandoned, Becomes a Service Dog

Ruby bring joy to the elderly and the sick. Photo via ruby'
When rescuers found Ruby with another puppy from her litter in an abandoned house in St. Paul, Minnesota ten years ago, they had been left without food or water for two weeks. Patrick Bettendorf was asked to foster Ruby for a. . .
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Video: Bullies and Cutthroats in British Columbia

[vimeo 75610204 640 361]
Catching a big bull trout is definitely on my bucket list, and based on this video from Chicagbros Productions, British Columbia is the place to get it done.
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5 Amazing Stories of Devoted Dogs

Jasmine, a rescued greyhound, cared for more than 50 animals including Bramble,
an orphaned roe deer at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.
Photo via
A wonderful post on the National Geographic website highlights the incredible services of five very special dogs who care for others—both humans and other animals. Each story is a. . .
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Podcast: Man-Eating Salmon and the Latest From the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

On this week’s podcast, we discuss man-eating Chinook salmon, the ethics of going back to a spot that a guide has taken you to, what BWOs are, possible cranefly hatches, stomach pumps, and. . .
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Photo of the Day: Volcano Brown Trout in New Mexico

This 12-inch brown trout fell for a size 10 Dave's Hopper.
Photo by Dan from Albuquerque
Blog reader Dan from Albuquerque sent in this great photo, along with a story behind it: . . .
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5 Years After Omaha Adopted Tough Dogs Laws, the Results Are Praised

Matthew Lane's Pit Bull mix Dallas got removed from the list after taking steps to improve his behavior. Photo via
A long story on today takes a look at Omaha's "dangerous" dogs five years after strict laws were passed, following a 2008 attack on a woman and her daughter by a neighbor's Pit Bull. The tough ordinance put in place: . . .
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