Video: Dog Saves Baby from Getting Too Close to the Ocean

Mom comes to the rescue after being alerted by the dog.

Anyone with both kids and dogs knows just how protective canine pals can be, but here’s a remarkable example from Turkey. This little baby was crawling at full speed for the crashing surf, but the family dog raced to the rescue. It’s hard to tell what’s going on off-screen, but. . .

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Video: Amazing Trout Fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees

For years, I’ve been trying to tell people that one of the great undiscovered fly-fishing destinations is the Spanish Pyrenees, but few have listened. I traveled there with my friend and photographer Sandy Hays in 2010 and was blown away by the experience. As editor of American Angler, I was lucky enough to. . .

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New Issues of “The New Fly Fisher” and “Carp Pro” Are Online Now

The latest issue of The New Fly Fisher, from the folks who make the Canadian TV show of the same name, has got some great articles in it. Those who are looking forward to chasing Great Lakes steelhead will benefit from the wisdom of well-known guide Glen Hales. As usual, there’s also plenty of stillwater content, as well as. . .

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Video: Butch Knows How to Enjoy Autumn

Butch is a Siberian Husky from Utah who just loves to play in the leaves that his owner, Kent Petersen rakes up. Just look at the sheer joy that Butch expresses while destroying Kent’s hard work.

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Pebble Mine Update: Thank You Anglo American

As many of you know, opponents of the Pebble Mine project—which proposes to build a monstrous gold, copper, and molybdenum mine located in a seismically unstable area at the headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, the largest sockeye salmon spawning area in the world—received some welcome news recently when mining giant Anglo American, 50/50 partner with Northern Dynasty in the Pebble Partnership, announced that it was pulling out of the project.

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The 17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs

How does your city compare?
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I missed this back in May, but the real estate site compiled a list of the best places to live for dog owners.

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