Video: Slovenia Sessions with FrontsideFly

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the guys from FrontsideFly , who combine a love of fly fishing, a killer sense of humor, and serious video-making chops. Stefan Ågren just released this fun, behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of their. . .

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Video: Busy Paws Are Better

Here’s a short, fun video with a very positive message for dog owners. The star is Rockley, a two-year-old German Shorthaired pointer. He’s handsome, eh?

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Video: Outta Town Brown Trout

Here’s some great stuff from the waters of Oregon, where the Kids with Sticks get into some serious brown trout. But they don’t just focus on success, and you’ll see some reactions and facial expressions that might seem eerily familiar if you’ve ever lost a big one.

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5 Tips on How to Speak Dog

Would you know how best to communicate with Champ?
Photo by Monica, Littleton

An article posted yesterday on offers five tips for communicating with dogs in a nonverbal way. According to author Michelle C. Hollow, . . .

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Photos: Why Guides Love the Off Season

Written by Josh Berry

The author caught this fine brown trout on a “guide’s holiday” on the Gallatin River.
All photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

As summer comes to a close here in southwestern Montana, I am finding myself with substantially more free time than I have had over the past couple months. Luckily, some of big browns in the Gallatin are. . .

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Breaking News: One of the Companies Developing Pebble Mine Backs Out. . .But the Battle Is NOT Over

The Pebble Mine project threatens one of the world’s most prolific fisheries.

Opponents of the Pebble Mine project—which would see a monstrous gold, copper, and molybdenum mine built in the breeding ground of the last great wild salmon run, in Alaka’s Bristol Bay—received some welcome news today when mining giant Anglo American announced that it was pulling out of the project. An article in today’s Anchorage Daily News quotes company CEO Mark Cutfani, explaining the. . .

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Pro Tips: 10 Tips for Fall Streamer Fishing

Written by Drew Price

The author with a fine autumn brown trout that he stalked and caught on a streamer.
All photos courtesy Drew Price

It’s the season to get into some really big wild brown trout. They are setting up for the spawn right now, and this is some of my favorite fishing of the entire year. If you do things right, you could land the biggest trout of your life, so here are. . .

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