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Tuesday Tip: The Right Gear for Great Lakes Steelhead

Written by: Jim Lampros, Fishing Manager of Orvis Cleveland

The author shows off a big Great Lakes steelhead, as his fishing buddy looks on.
Photo courtesy Jim Lampros

The rise in popularity of the Lake Erie steelhead fishery over the last decade has been well deserved. Erie and her tributaries unequivocally offer the best chance, be it East or West, for an angler to get his or her steelhead fix. The availability of public access, the proximity of. . .


A Story and Photos Capture the True Value of a Fly Rod

Written by: Colin S. Shaffer

Colin says that this photo captures the essence of his father, when he is untangling my line
as a young Colin stares into the camera. You can clearly make out the Orvis rod, too.
Photo courtesy Colin Shaffer

[Editor’s Note: Orvis head of Rod & Tackle Steve Hemkens was in the Orvis rod shop awhile back, and rod-repair supervisor Jim West happened to show Steve the letter below, which accompanied a broken fly rod. Steve was touched by the letter, and asked Jim to. . .


Heroic and Sad: A Dog Refuses to Leave Fallen Friend, Despite Danger and Freezing Temperatures

Written by: Phil Monahan

A stray dog in China refused to leave the body of his fallen friend throughout a freezing night.
Photo via

We have seen this kind of bravery and devotion before, but each instance is a reminder of their incredible capacity for loyalty and the strength of their. . .


Trout Bum of the Week XVII: Tim Linehan

Written by: Phil Monahan

A New Hampshire boy by birth, Tim Linehan has been in northwestern Montana for more than two decades.
All photos courtesy Tim Linehan

Tim Linehan operates Linehan Outfitting Company, in Troy, Montana, where he has been based since 1992. He is also the 2013 Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide of the Year, an honor that is no surprise when you. . .