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Photos: Big Pete Meets Big Jack

Written by: Pete Kutzer

It wasn’t the permit he’d been looking for, but Pete will settle for a hard-charging jack.
Photo by Dave Yoder

My good friend Capt. Dave Yoder and I just spent a week fishing in the toughest tournament in the Keys: the March Merkin permit tournament out of Key West. After dealing with the frustrations with. . .


Angling Art: Printings of Actual Fish with an Old Method

Written by: Phil Monahan

“Brown Trout,” ink and pain on Hand Dyed Thai Kozo Chiri paper.
by Michael Reimer

Editor’s note: Here’s the latest installment of a new series on angling art. We’ll try to post a new painting, drawing, or sculpture every Wednesday. If you have any suggestions for artists we might feature, let us know below.

A few years ago, on a cold winter Saturday in Eastern Pennsylvania, Michael Reimer was searching online for some fish art to decorate his office when he came across a. . .


Fish Facts: Mountain Whitefish, a.k.a. “Mister White”

Written by: Phil Monahan

Don’t let anyone tell you that Mister White is not a great fish to battle on a fly rod.
Photo via Wikipedia

Viewed by many trout anglers as a “trash fish,” the mountain whitefish has been unfairly maligned and is actually an excellent fly-rod quarry. Many a fly fisher has been disappointed to discover that the fish fighting on the end of his line is not a trout, but a native. . .


Photos of the Day: The Magic of the Green

Written and photographed by: Andy Bennett

The Green River is an amazing fishery, but it can frustrate the best of us.
All photos by Andy Bennett

Recently, while fishing the Green River in Utah, I decided to ease my frustration and turn my camera to the rising fish, instead of failing miserably to fool them. The amazing water clarity and shallow depth. . .


Photos: Hard Work Pays Off in New Zealand

Written by: Hannah Perkins

Chris Budro fights a difficult New Zealand brown in close quarters.
Photo by Hannah Perkins

We had been fishing hard for the past month, waking up early and getting home late. We spent the days staring into flowing water praying we would see some type of movement that was clearly different from a. . .