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Photo of the Day: Second-Chance Permit in Belize

Written by: Damien Nurre, Deep Canyon Outfitters

Kristin Kovalik and guide Scully Garbutt rejoice after a long fight.
Photo by Damien Nurre

We were fishing the flats out of Punta Gorda, Belize, when we saw this permit working toward us from a long distance. It was feeding like crazy, and it ate every crab it saw. My wife, Kristin, made a perfect 65-foot cast as this monster. . .


Fly-Fishing for Trout in the Spanish Pyrenees: Discovering the Old World Anew

Written by: Phil Monahan

Ivan Tarin of Salvelinus Fishing Adventures with a muscular rainbow that fell for a streamer in a Pyrenees tailwater.
All photos by Sandy Hays

The diesel Volkswagen van chugged indefatigably upward through the switchbacks, as we climbed into the low-hanging clouds. Soon we couldn’t even see the rain-soaked green valley below, and our world became focused on the steep, rutted farm path in front of us. Occasionally, a group of cows blocked our progress, their bells clanging loudly in the stillness, and Ivan would creep forward slowly to avoid pushing one off the edge. The end of the road was a saddle between two peaks, and when we hopped out, the air was damp and cold. As we donned fleece and raingear, Sandy and I exchanged skeptical looks; could there really be. . .


Photos: Salmonflies on the Henrys Fork!

Written by: Phil Monahan

New Firehole Ranch guide Matt Breuer shows off a chunky rainbow that smacked a huge dry fly.
All photos by Josh Duchateau

According to these photos and the report from Firehole Ranch, the trout are eating salmonflies on the Henrys Fork of the Snake, and the fishing is fantastic! Those anglers who love catching big trout on. . .


Photo Essay: Casting (. . .and Casting and Casting. . .) for Sea Bass on the Coast of Ireland

Written by: Paul Moinester

The sun sets on the stunning Irish coast as anglers make their last casts of the day.
All photos by Paul Moinester

I was exhausted. My arm burned from hundreds of futile casts. My feet ached from three days of stumbling on jagged rocks that on more than one occasion sliced up my hands. The winds howled, making every cast an arduous undertaking. And the. . .