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Morris Animal Foundation: Cataracts in Dogs

Written by: Daryl Kenny

As they age, dogs can develop cataracts, just like their humans
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Drug-Releasing Lenses Improve Sight for Dogs

As dogs age, many of them require cataract surgery. The surgery usually improves their quality of life, but some dogs experience persistent inflammation and they develop cloudiness over the eye, a condition known as posterior capsular opacification (PCO)….


Video: Heroic Yorkie Protects 3-Year-Old from an Aggressive Dog

Written by: Phil Monahan

Ezio rests next to the young boy he saved.
Photo via

Hero dogs come in all sizes, as a Yorkie named Ezio proved last week. The 11-pound dog was playing in the backyard of his Texas home with his best friend, a three-year-old boy, when the neighbor’s dog broke through a fence and began. . .