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Photos: Grand Slam in California’s Little Lakes Valley

Written by: Brian La Rue, Orvis Reno

The browns, brookies, and goldens weren’t big, but they were eager.
All photos by Brian La Rue

Sometimes, chasing backcountry trout and a little solitude are more appealing to me than battling for a hog in an easy access, roadside pool. There is nothing wrong with a. . .


Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Detect Strikes When Nymph Fishing

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

As a general rule, the distance between indicator and fly should be 1.5 times the water depth.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

As hatches become fewer and farther between in the fall, most anglers will be fishing with subsurface nymphs or streamers. When you can’t see your fly, detecting strikes can be the difference between. . .


Pro Tips: Getting Pumped Up for Fall Fly Fishing

Written by: Phil Monahan

Big browns feed voraciously in preparation for the lean months ahead and will hammer a well-presented streamer.
Photo by Scott Feltrinelli

One of the problems with a blog is that we publish so frequently that some great content ends up buried. I hope all of you are using both the search box in the upper right and the tags on each post to. . .


Photo Essay: An Expedition into Colorado’s West Elk Mountains

Written by: Charlie Parr, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Ethan caught this glorious cutthroat on a Stimulator.
All photos by Charlie Parr

The snow-capped, 14,000 foot mountains and high alpine valleys of the West Elk Mountains surround the tiny mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado, and provided the backdrop for a Lillard Fly Fishing expedition for a group of. . .