This blog features Orvis products that our associates or our customers particularly enjoy or appreciate for their quality, utility, and comfort.

Wool vs. Cotton: When and Where

Written By: Jeremiah Greco

“I’ve never had a sweater as good as this one. It is extremely warm and needed since we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The look can be used if dressing up or down; and the color goes with any outfit. It doesn’t overheat and the light weight makes me forget that I’m even wearing a sweater.” – Locksley from North Carolina

The days and nights are cooling off and it’s time to trade in those cotton garments for wool sweaters, socks, pants and jackets. But why? What makes wool so warm and comfortable in cold weather and what makes wool the clothing of choice for. . .


The Men’s Vest: Fit for a King (and a Shah)

Written By: Nicole Vincent-Roller

The Orvis Ultimate Chino Vest
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“A vest-lover’s vest. The third Orvis vest I have bought, and definitely not the last. Top-notch materials and workmanship carry this garment over the top!” – Beefalo

Men’s vests are so comfortable during the fall, you can almost imagine the first guy to discover them making an announcement that everyone should wear one. And in fact, that’s almost what happened, in the Western world at . . .