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Photo: A Flag of Honor

Written by: Phil Monahan

The folks at paul Nelson Farm are pround of this recent gift from a guest.
Photo courtesy Paul Nelson Farm

[Editor’s note: The folks at Paul Nelson Farm recently shared with us a very meaningful gift that was presented by a special guest in appreciation for a great hunting adventure.]

This flag was flown on a US Army Chinook helicopter during a Special Operations Command mission. Captain Jason Burton led his crew into a “hot” valley in Helmend Province, Afghanistan. . .


Photo: The Joys of Introducing Others to Turkey Hunting

Written by: Simon Perkins, Orvis Adventures

Frazier Blair (left), Els Van Wort, and little Pippa admire the morning’s trophy.
Photo by Simon Perkins

Nothing really compares to hunting turkeys in the spring….besides introducing it to others and watching them experience it for the first time. The other day, I wandered into the woods at. . .


Photo Essay: Habitat Maintenance at Greystone Castle

Written by: Jennifer Miller, Greystone Castle

Greystone Castle started burning the hunt fields as soon as the 2014-15 season wrapped up.
Photos courtesy Greystone Castle

Editor’s note: Jennifer Miller—who works at Greystone Castle Sporting Club, in Mingus, Texas—sent in these cool photos that show how such an operation maintains its habitat in the. . .