Tuesday Tips: How to Be a Good Client for Your Guide

Listen, pay attention, be honest about your skills, and smile. . .the goal is to have a good time, right?
Photo courtesy Linehan Outfitting

For some anglers, fishing with a guide can cause a little bit of anxiety. No one wants to make a stupid mistake or say something ridiculous in front of a guide because no one wants to be. . .

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Essay: Was It Love at First Sight with Your Rescue Dog?

Toby and Margot Ahlquist traveling to Martha’s Vineyard two years after the adoption.
Photo via dogster.com

When you bring a new dog into your home, you’d like to think that you fall in love with him or her immediately. But, as Margot Ahlquist admits in a compelling essay on dogster.com, things. . .

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Video: Rock of the Dragon Trailer

Here’s a sometimes beautiful trailer for an upcoming film about a fish that’s not often discussed in fly-fishing circle: the Huchen (Hucho hucho) or Danube salmon. A close relative of the taimen of. . .

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Fish Facts: Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Known for their brilliant red spawning colors, sockeyes are also great fighters when hooked.
Photo by Pat Clayton, Fish Eye Guy Photography

Although a trophy shot of an angler holding a bright-red sockeye salmon is impressive, the species is not usually considered one of the “glamour” game fish in Alaska and western. . .

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Photos and Essay: Paddling on One of America’s Most Endangered Rivers

Written by: John Guider, with notes by Jon Bash

Sunlight on Rocks and Stream, Spencer Creek, Franklin, TN
Photo by © John Guider 2003

Editor’s Note: The on-ramp to the country’s oldest “highway” system was nothing more than a downward sloping dirt bank for the artist/photographer John Guider as he set out on an. . .

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Beautiful Ceremony in Nepal Celebrates Dogs

Dogs are adorned with flower garlands as a sign of respect for the relationship shared between humans and dogs.
Photo via onegreenplanet.org

While much of the media was focused on the horrible dog-meat festival in China last week, some preferred to highlight a much different event in neighboring Nepal. The second day of the. . .

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Photos: The Mouse and the Big Maine Brook Trout

Sandy and his daughter, Ava, share in the excitement of a big, wild, mouse-eating brook trout.
Photos by Sandy Hays

My friend Sandy Hays—whom I’ve known since high school and who has photographed many of my international fishing adventures—has a great love of mouse patterns, and he brings them along, . . .

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Photo: A Rainbow with Exotic Tastes

Written by: Wayne Thurber, Dos Amigos Anglers

This rainbow enjoys a dangerous diet. Can you believe it still ate a damselfly?
Photo by Wayne Thurber

On a recent fly-fishing trip, our client Doug caught this interesting rainbow. When I netted the fish, he reached into the mouth of the trout to remove the blue damselfly pattern. The first attempt. . .

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