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Dog Collars, ID Tags, and Microchips, Oh My! How to Help Bring Home a Lost Dog

Written by: Deb German

Teddy Blue and Maggie
Photo courtesy of Deb German

The reassuring jingle of tags on her dog collar is a joyous noise, music to your ears every time you walk through the door, as surely as the rattle of your keys in the lock is to hers. You’re a responsible person: you’ve made an effort to keep current ID tags on your dog’s cheerful collar. It’s even personalized with her name and your phone number (there’s a good human). And of course you had her microchipped when she was a puppy. Nobody needs to tell you there’s no place like home for a tail-wagging wanderer.

But you are a minority among humans according to recent statistics: only 33% of pet owners keep identification on their critters. Sadly, the return-to-owner rate (RTO) for a lost dog in particular is only about 10% to 30% in most places, worse still for cats. It’s a no-brainer: your dog needs some kind of ID on her. And if you are not doing this one small but important thing for her, why on earth not? Dog ID tags, a personalized dog collar, and the microchip: they are three inexpensive but important lines of defense against lost—and even stolen—dogs…


5 Questions with Chris Hunt: The Voice of Trout Unlimited

Written by: Phil Monahan

Hunt landed this stunning 27-inch brown on a trip to Argentina.
Photos courtesy Chris Hunt

For most of us in the fly-fishing press, Chris Hunt is the go-to guy when we have questions or need a statement about Trout Unlimited’s work. As National Communications Director for the. . .


Brooklyn Man Breaks Cultural Taboos Because of His Love for Dogs

Written by: Phil Monahan

Gedalya Gottdenger, a dog -walker in Brooklyn, shares a moment with a client.
Photo by Andy Gittlitz via

Here’s a story very unlike our usual fare here on the Orvis Dogs blog, but I found it absolutely fascinating. Gedalya Gottdenger is a professional dog walker in Brooklyn, New York—which. . .


Photo of the day: An Atlantic Salmon of a Lifetime

Written by: Alberto Rey

A Great Lakes steelhead-and-trout guy struck silver on a trip to Iceland.
Photo courtesy Alberto Rey

I was fortunate to land this gorgeous Atlantic salmon last night at 8:15 here on the Jokla River in eastern Iceland. My 14-year-old son, Diego, and my buddy, Matt, video taped the ungraceful. . .


Photo Essay: Another “Steelhead and Spines” Adventure to Southeast Alaska

Written by: Ian Provo, The Provo Bros

Neil and our friend Cody with a nice steelhead.

My brother Neil and I just finished up another “Steelhead and Spines” journey to Southeast Alaska. For us, it’s the most important migration of the year. In the springtime, the mountains are in. . .