Video: Lefty Kreh, in His Own Words

Lefty Kreh needs no introduction, of course, but hearing him tell his own story in an unrehearsed fashion is simply fascinating. In this first part of Eric Stroup's interview with Lefty, he describes. . .
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How to Hot-Wire a Bird Dog

Written by: Zach Matthews
Zach and Gretchen look tired and happy after their day afield. Photos by Zach Matthews
The wind was ripping right along, so fast that if I’d been on the water, the whitecaps would have been tearing off the tops of the waves. However—unusually for me—I wasn’t standing on the. . .
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Trout Bum of the Week LVII: Brian Kozminski

Kozminski feels blessed by the miles and miles of quality water near his home in northern Michigan. All photos courtesy Brian Kozminski
Brian Kozminski (or "Koz" to his buddies) is one of those guys I've been Facebook friends with for years but whom I've never met. It's clear from our online relationship, however, that this is. . .
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How a Shelter Dog Is Poised to Become the Most Famous Instagram Star in the World

Marnie's popularity has surprised everyone, including her owner.
Photo via Instagram
Marnie the dog is not your typical model: her tilted head and too-long tongue would not win her any ribbons at a dog show, for sure. But the little Shih Tzu’s personality and willingness to. . .
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Video: Our Playground 2015, Vol. 3

Back in August, former Trout Bum of the Week Jon Hill dropped volume 2 of his Our Playground 2015 video series, and here's the follow-up. Of his last video of the year, Jon says, "My friends. . .
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Study: Having a Dog Reduces Anxiety in Kids

Dogs can help kids form bonds and can even affect brain chemistry according to the study.
Photo by Phil Monahan
It's been common knowledge for years that having dogs in the house can make a child less likely to develop certain allergies. But did you know that having a dog may also have significant. . .
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Save 50%-30% in Our Huge Leader & Tippet Sale

We don't normally do sale posts here on the Fly Fishing blog, but since it's Cyber Monday and some of you may be shopping anyway, here's a great chance to stock up on leaders and. . .
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Charlie the Skye Terrier Wins the National Dog Show

Charlie and handler Larry Cornelius pose for the judges.
Photo by Bill McCay/NBC
Charlie the Skye terrier earned the title of Best in Show at this year’s National Dog Show Presented by Purina, which aired Thursday on NBC. The four-and-a-half-year-old pooch. . .
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