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Everything You Want to Know About Kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Written by: Phil Monahan

During the spawn, kokanees develop the classic sockeye hump, green head, and kype.

The landlocked version of the sockeye salmon, the kokanee (pronounced coke-a-nee) spends its entire life in fresh water. Instead of migrating to the ocean, adult kokanees inhabit large. . .


Casting for Recovery: A Labor of Love

Written by: Daryl Kenny

Nancy McNamara reveling in her fly fishing experience
Photo by Casting for Recovery

Each participant at every Casting for Recovery retreat has a story to tell. They are stories both happy and sad, but always there is triumph. The joy of mastering something new, accomplishing a task you thought was beyond you, connecting with people who know precisely what you are going through, having a few days to escape – relax – laugh – grow.

Nancy McNamara, pictured above, was one such participant. Look at the sheer joy on her face! Nancy attended a CfR retreat in the Houston area last April….


Pro Tip: The ONE Thing You Can Do to Become a Better Fly Fisherman in 2016

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips

You don’t have to cast as well as the late, great instructor Bill Cairns. . .but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

A year has ended and a new one begins. Like most people, I look back and reflect on what the previous year has taught me or what insights I might have gleaned from all my time guiding. . . .


Photo of the Day: Big Blue Ridge ‘Bow

Written by: Phil Monahan

Look at the belly on that slob! That’ll put a serious bend in your 4-weight.
Photo by Will Taylor

Will Taylor—guide and owner of The Fly Shop Company of Blue Ridge, Georgia—sent in this photo of client Chris Czeschin with a monster rainbow caught on a 4-weight old-school. . .


Photo Essay: The Rare Sea-Run Brookies of the Northeast

Written by: Colie Egertson

Sea-run brook trout are a rarity worth preserving in their native coastal habitat.
All photos by Colie Egertson

The streams in which sea-run brook trout live are small, snaking slowly through the pine forests and salt marshes of coastal Massachusetts on their way to the ocean. At first glance, they. . .