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5 Gift Ideas for Your Dog This Christmas

Written by: Tom Remp

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Our dogs deserve to be spoiled sometimes, especially during the holidays, and what better time to give them some extra treats and attention than Christmas? This year, go the distance and give your pooch a deluxe dog stocking filled to the brim with treats and toys.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas, especially tailored with your dog in mind. These charming and practical items will make great stocking presents, and provide your pet with the care and attention he or she needs throughout the year. From special treats to cozy rain jackets, quality grooming products to first aid kits, and durable safety collars to fun Christmas toys, we have a wide range of quality items that will make every canine happy this winter…


Top 10 Men’s Stocking Stuffers for 2015

Written by Tom Remp

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One of the greatest things about a Christmas stocking is that there’s no age limit. However old you are, nothing will get you into the holiday spirit quicker than waking up to a stocking filled with special presents. At Orvis, we’re passionate about making sure Christmas stockings aren’t just for kids. Stuffed full of grown-up luxuries, our gifts section contains plenty of potential stocking fillers, perfect for each member of the family.

With our fantastic gift ideas for men, you’ll be able to give the man in your life the perfect surprise this winter. From a fine leather belt or cigar case, to a suave copper hip flask, these handsome and practical presents are ideal for anyone with a love of timeless tradition and the outdoors. Tastefully understated, a grown-up stocking is a fun and unique way to give Christmas morning some added flair and excitement, and a great means to make sure smaller luxury items are given the attention they deserve…


Alternatives to Down Jackets

Down is one of the most tried and true insulating agents available for clothing and bedding. For hundreds of years people worldwide have worn down to stay warm. Russian trading records dating back to the 1600s list bird down as a popular textile. Today, down continues to be a desirable insulator for jackets, since it provides maximum loft, which in turn retains heat more effectively at a lighter overall weight than any other natural insulator. Thanks to technology, however, synthetic insulation has given us increasingly better alternatives to down for insulating jackets, sleeping bags, and more. Let’s take a look at two of the most popular down alternatives for jackets to see how it can keep you warm without adding unnecessary weight…


10 Best Gifts Under $100

Finding the perfect gift for a person with persnickety taste, while shopping on a budget, can be a challenging task. Fortunately, at Orvis we’ve curated some of the best gifts under $100 for men, women, the home, kids and dog lovers, to make your holiday shopping for everyone on your list, simple, enjoyable, and most of all, rewarding. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites from this holiday season’s gifts under $100…


Through the Lens of Nostalgia: Objects to Thrill and Delight

Written by: Deb German

Orvis Bison Leather Football
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Autumn engages the senses. The distinct smell of dry foliage is the harbinger of what lies ahead, a last perfumed breath before the landscape lies frozen and dormant. Apples and pumpkins, wood smoke and conifers: these sensory reminders and others of their ilk take us by the hand (or grab us by the shoulders), and lead us down a pathway awash with memories, to our own cherished fall traditions, summer occasionally lingering awhile in the rear view mirror…